1960's: A Changing World

Yet Another Innovation in Advertising

The 1960's brought a world of change to Americans. The wholesome culture of the 50's was now being overtaken by the Vietnam War and the Free Love period that coincided. To keep a national appeal, Coke would have to transport its advertising out of the 50's, but still maintain a wholesome image

Rock music made this transition possible.

A group of songwriters called The Limelighters wrote another one of Coca-Cola's monstrously popular campaigns: "Things Go Better With Coca-Cola." The vagueness of the word "things" let Americans identify Coca-Cola with whatever they wished.

In fact, the original jingle was so versatile that other popular artists of that time were able to match the lyrics to their most popular things. For example, the melody of "Baby Love" by The Supremes was taken, and the women sang the "Things Go Better With Coke" lyrics instead of their own.

A New Drink

TaB ad, From Flickr

In the early 60's, many women began to count their calories and watch their weight. Obviously, the sugary Coca-Cola was not an option for calorie-conscious consumers.

Coke's solution? TaB, a drink sweetened with saccharine rather than sugar.

Coke was afraid of how TaB would do in markets, so it did not want to associate itself with the new diet drink. No TaB drink packaging made any obvious mention of Coca-Cola. In 1964, TaB had about 10 percent of the weight-watching market.

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