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1950's: The Golden Age of Coca-Cola

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The Golden Age of Coca-Cola probably happened in the 1950's because of the times. At that point, TV was emerging, and TV shows depicting American life were playing roles in the home as well. Coke began playing ads depicting leisure, relaxation and comfort on TV, and these images helped spread Coke's appeal not only in America, but all over the world.

Coke's appeal became so broad that an article in Time magazine stated that, "It is simpler, sharper evidence than the Marshall Plan, or a voice of American broadcast that the U.S. has gone out into the world to stay."

More Bottle Sizes

New Sizes, from Flickr

A funny thing happened to Coke in the times leading up to the 1950's. A new cola named Pepsi was gaining popularity and taking customers away from Coke. The new drink was no where near as popular as Coca-Cola was, but Coke feared them nonetheless. One way Coke responded to the new drink was to create more than one bottle size.

This was a scary idea because Coca-Cola had always had just the 6.5 ounce bottle. In fact, a Coke executive said that, "Bringing out another bottle was like being unfaithful to your wife."

But Coke pushed on with the new bottles. In addition to the traditional bottle, Coca-Cola introduced a king-sized bottle and a family-sized bottle. The purpose was to help out women buying groceries. It would be a lot easier for them to carry one larger bottle among other groceries than carrying a cumbersome six pack.

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