What's In Your Wallet?

What's In Your Wallet? Hopefully Linden Dollars when you are playing Second Life and not a Capital One credit card. In Second Life, the unit of money is called the Linden Dollar. The Linden Dollar, as compared to the U.S. Dollar, is not worth as much. The exchange rate is approximately 275 Lindens per U.S. Dollar according to SL Exchange, but it fluctuates. Second Life is a free market open to anyone who can create and sell. To make money, there is camping, business management, working in stores, entertainment, custom creations, and more services. Lucky for you, you don't have to worry about vikings coming after you when you don't use Lindens like in the Capital One commercials.

There are many vices in which you can exchange Linden Dollars. One way is directly through the Second Life website. LindeX Currency Exchange is the main vice used on SL. Of course, there are many others. SL Exchange (SLX) is also known as Second Life Commerce. It is an area for residents of SL to sell their creations online so it is easier and faster. You can transfer money directly onto SLX through paypal, a credit card, and other payment options. You can also pay a SLX vendor in the world, and it will credit your account on SLX once you sign up. Another site is On Rez. On Rez is yet another place for residents to sell their creations. SLX is definitely more popular though. "On Rez also doesn't charge the maker as much," said Gianetti Ferlinghetti, the owner of the Fashion House of Gianetti.

What's In Your Wallet? Hopefully Linden Dollars when you are playing Second Life.

Land is also sold and bought on SL. On the land, you are pretty much free to do what you like except that you have prim limits and a tier every month or week depending on the land. Prims, or Primitive Objects, are the building blocks for creations in SL. A tier is a set fee you must pay each month or week. The costs vary according to the size of the land, whether it be a 512 sqm plot or an entire island. Some land requires you to have an advance account in which you pay $9.99 per month in order to own land. Usually those lands are bought from a real estate company or Linden Lab directly.