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A 2008 Nominee

Elected to the U.S. Senate as a Democrat in 1972, Joseph Biden is currently in his sixth term representing the state of Delaware. The 2008 contest will be the second time the outspoken senator has campaigned for his party's nomination for president. As chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, he has openly criticized President Bush's handling of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a speech announcing his 2008 bid, Biden described the Iraq war as "the greatest foreign policy disaster of our time." He also put forward the idea of separating Iraq into three largely-sovereign regions -- one for Kurds in the north, Sunni in the center and Shiites in the south.

Listen to an MP3 of Biden's interview with Nevada Public Radio, where he discusses his presidential aspirations.

Where He Stands on the Issues


Sen. Biden feels that the solution to the war in Iraq cannot be purely a military one. He has said the only way to end the violence and to create the conditions for our armed forces to responsibly withdraw is to give Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds incentives to pursue their interests peacefully, which requires an equitable power-sharing arrangement. Biden's Iraq plan has five parts:

  1. Establish One Iraq, with Three Regions
  2. Share Oil Revenues
  3. Convene International Conference, Enforce Regional Non-Aggression Pact
  4. Responsibly Drawdown US Troops
  5. Increase Reconstruction Assistance and Create a Jobs Program
Hear Joe Biden weigh in on the Senate's effort to pass an Iraq resolution in this podcast from CBS's "Face the Nation".

For more detail on each part of the plan, visit Joe Biden's official site.

Darfur Genocide

Biden accuses the current administration of failing to match its words with real, concrete action. He has called for NATO to declare and police a "No-Fly Zone" over Darfur, an international peacekeeping mission to impose if Khartoum (Sudan's capital) refuses to comply, and serious sanctions against the Sudanese regime that is only encouraging the violence in the region.

Energy Policy

Biden has said his first priority as president would be energy security. He believes we can strengthen security by reducing our oil consumption by transitioning to farm-grown fuels like ethanol and biodiesel, expanding the use of renewable energy, and increasing fuel effiiciency. The senator has also called for dramatically increasing investment in energy and climate-change research and technology so that that US becomes the world leader in developing alternative energy.

Health Care

Biden has said we need to take three steps to contain the cost of health care: modernize the system, simplify the system and reduce errors. He suppots the use of secure electronic records so that people can provide their doctors with vital medical information in real time. He believes there should be a uniform, efficient system to submit insurance claims.

While Biden has not specifically put forth the idea of universal health care, he has advocated expanding health insurance for children and relieving families and businesses of the burden of expensive catastrophic cases. He supports states that are pursuing alternatives for widespread access to affordable health care and believes we should use data from these states to evaluate what works plan works best.

Global Warming

Sen. Biden believes the US must return to a leadership role to solve global warming, and that merely ontaining greenhouse gas emissions within our own nation isn't enough. He has led a bipartisan coalition calling on the President to return to negotiations for a new climate-change treaty. Biden has argued that the government must recognize that developing countries - China, India, Mexico, Korea and Brazil - will soon be the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas pollution and must be involved in this new treaty.

As for limiting greenhouse gas emissions in the US, he supports a "cap-and-trade" approach to regulating emissions and investing in technology that can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Joe Biden

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