Barack Obama

Why Should I Care?

Although we have over a year until the votes are cast in the 2008 presidential election, now is the time we'll see most of the Democratic party's major candidates come out of the woodwork and pave their campaign trails, complete with the usual in-your-face advertising.

What's at Stake?

This next election represents a turning point in the history of our nation -- and it's a pretty good possibility that we'll be seeing a Hillary Clintonshift in party rule. After eight years and a controversial war still going on in Iraq, President Bush will no longer be our commander in chief. Who exactly will take his place?

John Edwards

How Do I Fit In?

The purpose of this site is to give you, the busy college student, a quick look at the main contenders in the race to become the Democratic nominee for president. These presidential hopefuls have already started their subtle advertising -- courting you with Facebook profiles, MySpace blogs, and PR-friendly YouTube videos, all in an effort to reach one of the least-likely-to-vote segments of the U.S. population. My hope is that a closer glimpse at these frontrunners will encourage you to cast your vote next November. We should all take advantage of a chance to quiet the cynics who say young people don't care about electoral politics. Do the research and make your choice in 2008!

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