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Peer-To-Peer Networks

As stated on the home page, Peer-to-Peer networks are for downloading smaller files, such as single songs, or videos. Now the exact definition of a Peer-to-Peer network actually contains in it the programs I will explain on this page and also torrent downloads. However, to make it simple we won't get into all the specifics of exactly what a peer-to-peer network is. Remember Napster? Well these are those types of programs. If you really want to know the details about these networks you can go here and read an article about them. This site isn't about definitions. This is a 'how to' website so I will proceed to explain which programs to use and how to use them.


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Limewire is an easy to use program but has some drawbacks. As you can see from the picture (click it to enlarge it), when you search it does have a nice system of breaking down the genres, albums, and artists to make it easier to find what you want when it returns a large number of results. However, you wouldn't need this if you could be more specific with your search criteria. Unfortunately, Limewire only allows 29 characters per search. While it does have different boxes for you insert artist, album, title, and so on; it doesn't matter where you put the information as it just lumps it all together in a single search anyway. See how the search it is on says "mash j dilla" I actually searched "mash" under title and "j dilla" under artist. Another big drawback the program has is how it organizes your downloaded files...or lack-there-of. It just lumps it all together in the 'library' section. You can sort them by name, size, and the other characteristics the files have, but there are programs that have much cleaner organizational systems. Limewire is good for a novice user, but there are better programs out there.

To download Limewire click here. Then click "Get it now." Then click "Get basic." After that they will tell you how downloading unauthorized material is against copyright law and make you agree not to download copyrighted material by clicking on "I will not use Limewire BASIC for copyright infringement" (Of course we would NEVER do that!), select it and click continue. Then click either Windows, if you have Windows, or Mac OSX, if you have a Mac, and so forth. Then just save the file, install it, and your on your way to plenty of free stuff.


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As you can see in the picture, Morpheus has a lot more features than Limewire. You usually get a lot more results form your searches since it uses more networks than Limewire. It's library is more organized. When you search you can split up the content and get a lot more specific. It will even find torrents for you (which I explain on the torrents page). There are some major drawbacks however. Morpheus tends to run slower than most programs since it tries to do so much. It also installs the Morpheus Toolbar on your computer, which is annoying. However, it's worth a look as it does make it easy to combine the two most common types of downloading in one program.

You can download Morpheus here.

There are plenty of other programs like these throughout the internet, but I would stay away from most of them. There is a big risk of spy-ware being installed when you install programs like these. Limewire and Morpheus are probably the safest to use. Just make sure to read what the installer says and make sure to uncheck things you don't want.