Michael Edward Mills was born in Orange County, Ca. on Dec. 17, 1958. His father was from Georgia, and the Mills family moved to Macon, Ga. during his early years. Mills came from a musical household and like Buck, developed a love for music at an early age.

Mills first met his future bandmate, Bill Berry, in high school in Macon. According to both Berry and Mills, the two hated each other when they first met, but became friends after a mutual friend recruited both of them for a jam session together.

They became close friends after that and, with their high school band's music director, formed a bar band that played weddings and clubs around Macon.

Although Mills is primarily R.E.M.'s bass player, he is known for his significant vocal contributions to the band's songs. His crisp backing vocals harmonize well with Stipe's often more scratchy and jumpy style.

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