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As the ‘80s continued, so did R.E.M. They moved into new territory, incorporating their Southern roots into their third album, the noticeably darker-toned and folk-influenced, “Fables of the Reconstruction.”

According to VH1, the dark mood of the album is a result of band tension brought on from extensive touring. On this release Stipe began to move away from his characteristic mumble and into more comprehensible lyrics.

Below is an excerpt from a Rolling Stone interview with Michael Stipe where he talks about his early days as a vocalist. Click to listen.

R.E.M.'s popularity continued to increase throughout the '80s, with the release of albums like "Lifes Rich Pageant," and 1987's "Document," which was their first to go platinum.

In 1988, R.E.M. signed to Warner Brothers records and their first major label release, "Green," went double platinum, solidifying the band as a mainstream success. Their success would continue into the '90s, but the following decade would prove to be a mixture of highs and lows for the band.

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