Dairy Industry Statements

In an effort to refute criticism from animal activist groups, dairy farming industries claim that the health of their cows is a priority because anything less would be counterproductive. For instance, according to the fact sheet on animal care in dairy farms issued by dairyfarmingtoday.org,the birthing process is characterized by hygienic, private and comfortable conditions for both the mother and calf.

Although American veal production is somewhat infamous, veal producers provide logical explanations for their practices. Specifically, as asserted by the Cattlemen's Beef Board, veal producers furnish their barns with devices that ensure that the veal calves are housed in environments that have proper lighting and temperature to ensure the comfort of the animals. Similarly, veal calves are said to be housed in individual stalls that minimize contact among calves so that diseases are not easily spread. Another argument for the use of individual veal stalls emerges from the notion that the stalls prevent calves from competing for food and water. The slotted floors in the stalls permit the proper removal of the young animals' waste.