Activist Statements about the Dairy Industry

Veal Calf courtesy of Farm Sanctuary

The popular animal rights activist group named People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) contends that the dairy industry is inhumane because the 9 million cows living on American dairy farms endure the following scenarios:

Similarly, Farm Sanctuary criticizes the veal industry because they claim that the severe confinement that veal calves endure in order to make their meat tender prohibits the young animals from developing properly, turning around, stretching their limbs, or lying down comfortably. Furthermore, the all-liquid milk substitute that calves are fed lacks iron and fiber so that borderline anemia is developed by the animals, which are usually slaughtered within 20 weeks of birth. From a marketing point of view, the advantage of that condition produces the pale-colored flesh that is considered to be "gourmet."