- Thermopylae - The Battle to Save Greece

What Thermopylae Accomplished

"Here lies Megistias, who died when the Mede passed Spercheios' tide. A prophet; yet he scorned to save Himeself, but shared the Spartans' grave" -Epigram of Megistias

Drawing of Battle of Salamis

By fighting to the death, Leonidas and his men earned valuable time for the Athenian fleet to assemble.

Without such a stand, it is not known if the Greeks would have had the time needed to prepare their fleet and confront the Persians successfully at the battle of Salamis.

Much like the Battle for the Alamo would be a rallying cry for those who fought for Texas' independence, the courage of the few who made a stand at Thermopylae reverberated throughout the Greek armies and boosted moral at a time when the impending attacks by the Persians seemed a certain doom.

Battle of Salamis drawing from www.usu.edu.