- Thermopylae - The Battle to Save Greece

The Battle Continues

Spartan Statue

As the first day ended, thousands of corpses rotted on the battlefield, disemboweled and gored remains giving rise to a stench that would have hung in the air on Day 2.

The lack of a breakthrough on the first day of fighting angered Xerxes, so on the second day he put together a force made up of the bravest and strongest men who made up his multi-national force.

But the Great Leader would not get to use his force in a frontal assault. Sometime on the second day, a local traitorous Greek came fourth and told of the pass that would get the Persian forces behind the Spartan lines.

That night, Ephialtes, the local, led the Persians up the Anopaea path.

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Image from www.csupomona.edu. Spartan Warrior Statuette.