justin chancellor

The youngest member of Tool, bassist Justin Gunnar Walte Chancellor was born November 19, 1971 in Kent, England, United Kingdom. He attended the Tonbridge School in Kent for five years until he was 18. Justin got his start in music playing bass for the British metal band Peach from 1990 to 1995. He first met the members of Tool in New York, and Peach later toured alongside the American progressive metal band in Europe in 1994. Justin was offered the opportunity to audition for Tool (to replace former bassist Paul d'Amour) just six months after Peach broke up. After some hesitation over another potential band Justin was considering, he audtioned for the position in 1995, shortly after moving to the states. Justin beat out Frank Cavanagh, Scott Reeder, Marko Fox and E. Shepherd Stevenson to become the fourth member of Tool (while Tool was recording their second album, "Aenema"). Justin was married in Arizona in 1997. He owns a bookstore in Topanga, California called Lobal Orning that he invests his time in when not on the road or in the studio with Tool.