danny's side projects

Pigmy Love Circus

Danny Carey was not one of the original members of Pigmy Love Circus, an underground Los Angeles rock band that formed in the late 1980s. He joined the line-up in 1992, but his stint in the band was cut short when Tool was signed to its label, Zoo Entertainment. The band died out three years later in 1995. After an extended hiatus, Pigmy Love Circus reunited in LA in 1999 upon Danny’s insistence. Despite lengthy breaks in between recording and touring, the band still plays together currently and is reported to be working on material for a new release. According to the band’s official site, “the Kings of LA are dead and have returned from Hell as wraiths to reclaim their crown of tattered glory.” Its current line-up consists of Danny on drums, Peter Fletcher and John Ziegler on guitar, E. Shepherd Stevenson on bass, and Michael Savage on vocals. Album releases include Live (1990), Drink Free Forever (1992), When Clowns Become Kings (2000), and The Power of Beef (2003).


Danny also plays the skins for a band called VOLTO!, a largely improvisational fusion act. Its line-up consists of Danny on drums, Kirk Covington on vox and keys, Lance Morrison on bass, and John Ziegler on guitar. According to the band’s MySpace, the band was formed when “a few close friends decided to get together to create and stir up some noise that makes them feel good.” VOLTO! plays occasional concerts in between Tool’s heavy touring schedule and the other band members’ musical obligations, but has not yet had any major album release. The band is based in Burbank, California.