adam's side projects

Music Videos

In addition to Adam’s immense ability on the electric guitar, his artistic genius can also be seen visually through Tool’s music videos. After learning stop-motion camera techniques while studying film in Hollywood, he applied these methods years later to create the eerily graphic and occasionally demented short-films that accompany the few singles Tool releases. Adam co-directed the video for the band’s first single, “Sober,” (1993), with Fred Stuhr, and has since directed each of the band’s video releases, which include “Prison Sex” (1994), “Stinkfist” (1996), “Aenema” (1996), “Schism” (2001), and “Parabola” (2002). DVD singles were released for “Schism” and “Parabola” in 2005.


Alongside his musical projects, Adam has also done makeup and design work for several blockbuster films. After finishing his schooling at the Hollywood Makeup Academy, he got a job working at Rick Lazzarini’s Character Shop, and began doing work on the television show “Monsters.” He then went to work at Stan Winston’s special effects workshop, and did some costume design for the film “Predator 2.” Adam has done makeup and set design work for several other movies, such as “Jurassic Park,” “Dances With Wolves,” “Ghostbusters 2,” “Predator 2,” and two of the “A Nightmare on Elm Street” films. He has even had a hand in commercials for Duracell, salad dressing, and Olympic stain, rounding out a career that has dabbled in nearly every major media platform.