Food and wine pairing is easier then you think. The old rules-primarily red wine with red meat and white wine with fish and poultry still apply.

Remember that rules are meant to be broken and you can pair which ever wine you like best with any type of food. Be careful, to match the wines so that the food does not empower the wine or vice versa. Some rules to remember are:

1. balance the flavor intensity. Pair light-bodied wines with lighter food and fuller-bodied wines with heartier, more flavorful, richer and fattier dishes.

2. An earthy Pinot Noir goes well with mushroom soup and the grapefruit/citrus taste of Sauvignon Blancs goes with fish for the same reason that lemon does.

3. Beware of a pairing a wine with food that is sweeter than the wine.

4. Spicy foods work best with sweet dessert wines. Opposing flavors can play off each other, creating new flavor sensations and cleansing the palate.

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Natalie Maclean, international wine writer, contributed to this report.