Five Languages of Storytelling:







Five Languages provided by The Call of Story

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What is Storytelling?

There are many definitions of storytelling available from many different sources. The Call of has defined storytelling as "the human action whether verbal or visual that conveys feelings and thoughts; it is as fluid as water taking many shapes and forms from dance to sculpture."

Anne Pellowski defined storytelling as "the art or craft of narration of stories in verse and/or prose, as performed or led by one person before a live audience; the stories narrated may be spoken, chanted, or sund, with or without musical, pictorial, and/or other accompaniment and may be learned from oral, printed, or mechanically recorded sources."

The art of storytelling is universally compared to weaving a thread. It takes patience, attention, and care to make it fine, but strong. As the teller weaves his/her tale, it becomes more intricate, detailed and refined. Yet the listener becomes more involved and strongly linked to the unfolding story.