Vintage fashion has an influence on modern designers of the 21st centuty. Styles and cuts recycle themselves and get redone in new and inventive ways. Ralph Lauren uses lace to convey an old-timey kind of feel and uses the short hemline for the more modern aspect of the design.



Lace Dress

Accesorizing with Vintage Items

One of my favorite things are vintage accessories. It's fun to wear modern outfits or vintage-inspired designers with true vintage accessories such as purses, jewelry, sunglasses, etc.

Runway designers also use vintage accesories to go along with their newly-created looks.

Vintage bags can be large like old carpet style purses or small clutches such as the one to the right.

Large metal and beaded earrings are used and make this halter top dress more casual.


Vintage handbag Vintage earrings