The 60s

The culture of the 1960s was highly concentrated on the youth of the decade. The Barbie doll was created just before in 1959 and became a success during the 60s for girls.

By 1964, the hemlines to womens skirts and dresses had creeped to mid-thigh. The sweater dress, the baby doll dress (transparent material with a slip sewn-in)and culottes (a wide pant that could almost pass as a skirt) became popular for teenage girls.

Toward the end of the decade, men's ties were very wide and usually patterned. Unisex dressing was brought on the fashion scene with bell bottoms, love beads and embellished shirts. Hairstyles were either big and frizzy or long and straight.



The 70s

The decade began with the hippie style from the 60s with tie-dye and frayed jeans. The waistline on jeans went lower an increased the popularity of hip-huggers.

Three-piece suits for men came into style with the influence of discos and the zippered jumpsuit became popular for both men and women.

Another fashion defined by dance, were the close fitting leotard style shirts for women. Wrap around skirts were paired for a complete look of a dancer.

During the 70s, punk and glam emerged. Punk came from London and can be characterized by ripped jeans, torn shirts and messy haircuts. Distressed leather jacketes were also common.


The Ramones