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A "Devil" of a Hose

Some fire stations have its own unique patch. Most of the time, there is a story behind it. Rick Walker, a district fire chief for the City of Orlando, was there when the patch for Station 2, in Orlando, was created. He was just a firefighter at the time, but he remembers everything in complete detail as he tells his story.

The Other Rescue Engine

It was a slow day at the station and we were bored, so we started to mess around. One of my buddies said, 'you know, you can make a go-cart with a fan and a stretcher.' So we grabbed a spare stretcher and a big box fan and we built one.
It really worked. Here was our homemade go-cart driving up and down the road behind our station with the guys riding it. The funny thing about it is, all we could do was go back and forth. We could not figure out how to make it turn and still move at the same time.

-"Grog," Florida firefighter of three years.

Emergency Express

For some reason people think that a rescue can get a person into the emergency room faster. So one night, we were sitting around the station and this man walks in. His wife was having some health complications and wanted to know if we could take her to the emergency room in the rescue. We checked her out, to make sure it was nothing serious, and brought her to the emergency room with her husband following behind us. We got to the emergency room and the couple still had to wait like everyone else. We try to tell people that we do not have any special treatment, but I guess people have to find out for themselves.

- "Spilt Raven," Florida firefighter of two years.

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