There are hundreds of different private organizations that volunteer their time and money towards helping the people of Honduras. Many churches from the United States often travel to Honduras regularly to bring whatever help they can.
The Sunset Church of Christ in Miami has traveled to Honduras every summer for the past ten years. The purpose of their trip is to help the poorest Hondurans rebuild their lives. This is done by bringing medical assistance, food and clothing to those that need it the most.
The group from Miami distributes about 2,000 pounds of food, roughly 1,000 doses of different forms of medication and brings enough tools and materials to build two homes.
The homes built are nowhere close to American standards. They are similar in size and quality to what most Americans use as backyard tool sheds. These humble shacks are sometimes used for multiple families. The people in these shacks sometimes house up to a dozen people, sometimes more.
Other churches besides the Sunset group in Miami do similar humanitarian work in Honduras. Some churches focus on medical help. Some provide money, others construction. The overall mission of all these groups is to help rebuild this country one drop in the bucket at a time.