First steps on path to studying abroad:

  1. 1. The first step is to decide what your expectations are for the experience. Make a list answering the following questions: What classes are you interested in taking? What term would you like to go abroad? Do you know the country and maybe even city you wish to study? What is your financial budget? What type of living arrangement would you feel most comfortable? Do you want to expand upon or learn a new language?
  2. 2. After making the decision you are interested in studying abroad you should sign up for a "Study Abroad Info Session" online at the UFIC Web site. These sessions provide information on programs, scholarships, deadlines and application information.
  3. 3. After you have decided on your goals you need to look at the different types of programs available and which you think would be your best option. There are three different ways to study abroad, and there are many varying programs to use. You should decide whether you want to go on a UF Sponsored program, non-UF Sponsored program, or a UF-Exchange program.
  4. 4. After picking out a few different programs you are interested in, and attending an info session, you can make an appointment with the appropriate international advisor to ask more questions and get help with deciding which program to apply for.
  5. 5. Once you know which program you are going to use it is time to start the application process. All applications can be found on the UFIC Web site.