UF Sponsored Programs

If you use a UF-sponsored program it will probably be based on a specific subject. "UF Sponsored" means that a faculty member or department at UF has started the program and has made an effort at establishing the curriculum to be studied. In these programs the faculty usually teaches the courses abroad. Most UF Sponsored programs are offered in the summer. Some of the programs give students UF credit, some provide transfer credit, and a few programs offer a combination of credit types. If using a UF-sponsored program all paperwork and deadlines will go through the UFIC.

UF Exchange Programs

This program is a reciprocal agreement between the UF and an international institution. The agreement provides for an equal exchange of students. In an Exchange Program, UF students pay UF tuition, are assigned UF course equivalencies, and the grades earned are factored into their UF GPAs.

Non-UF Programs

There are many programs that students can get involved in that are UF-Approved Provider Programs. The International Center has a variety of booklets and brochures of UF-approved programs that may fill the needs of students that UF cannot. All non-UF programs provide transfer credit. Some apply as transient students at other universities with study abroad programs. Students can also enroll directly with a foreign institution as transient students.