Applying to a program:

The first step when applying to an international program is filling out a program proposal form in the International Center Office. If the program you are choosing is already approved by UF and is in the system you can begin the application process after 24 hours. You will be notified by e-mail when you are able to start the online application process.

Starting from the time you click the "Apply Now" button, you will have seven days to turn in your application fee to the UFIC. The program fees can be found on the UFIC Web site. All UF programs have a deposit fee of $250 and all non-UF programs have an application fee of $150.

It is important to know the deadlines of non-UF programs because they may be different than the UF deadlines. Also, most programs have separate application fees and deposits due before applications can be accepted. When applying to a non-UF program make sure to look at that individual program's Web site.

During the application process you should also be aware of other documents you might need for traveling abroad. One thing you can do ahead of time is apply for a passport if you do not have one already. Also, check with the program you are looking into, but you may need a Visa depending on the amount of time you are staying abroad, and how much traveling you wish to do. If you know the dates of the program you are traveling with, look for plane tickets in advance. The earlier you start looking and get an idea of prices, it will help you manage your finances later.