8 April 2007, 10:20 p.m.

1522 N.W. 13th St.



Taste: * * *

Price: * 1/2

Service: * * 1/2

Ambience: * * *

Overall: * * 1/2

starbucks cup

Most of us weren't that excited to be going to Starbucks, except for Abreu, who was just happy to not be going to Deja Brew.

"They're really good here," she said, appreciative of the decor and music.

Thagard disagreed. "There's a really annoying beeping sound," she said. "Does anyone else hear the beeping sound?"

"She was forced unwillingly from home," Rouhana said, explaining her foul attitude.

Thagard at Starbucks

He himself was just not a big fan of Starbucks, he said, though he admitted he liked the free newspapers scattered about. But he said, he did not like being served by "automatons."

Though Abreu liked the atmosphere of Starbucks, Thagard and Rouhana said they preferred sitting outside. Both agreed they liked Deja Brew better.

"I think I like the pun in the name," Rouhana said.

Everyone at Starbucks

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Sample C: Coffee Culture

Sample D: Maude's Classic Cafe