Vanessa S. Abreu

Favorite coffee drink: Mom's cafe con leche

Takes her coffee: with Splenda and half-and-half

Experience: "I've been drinking coffee since I was 8 years old. Why that makes me qualified, I do not know."


Katherine M. Gallagher

Favorite coffee drink: caramel machiato

Takes her coffee: black

Experience: "I started drinking coffee in high school when I got a job at an upscale grocery store with free gourmet coffee samples. I've been battling with addiction ever since."


Katrina T. Gutierrez

Favorite coffee drink: vanilla latte

Takes her coffee: with french vanilla creamer stuff, a lot of it

Experience: "My mom makes really good coffee. I go to Deja Brew a lot, which is really good."



John-Michael G. Rouhana

Favorite coffee drink: Turkish coffee

Takes his coffee: black

Experience: "I drank bad coffee all summer, so I know what bad coffee tastes like. We have a cuisinart at home that I use to make fresh coffee with freshly ground beans. We also have Arabic coffee at home, or Turkish coffee, which I drink from time to time."


Kate M. Thagard

Favorite coffee drink: mocha

Takes her coffee: with flavored creamer

Experience: "I don't have a coffee addiction. I've never heard of such a thing in my life. Ever."