What does coffee mean to you? Whether you're a fan of fair trade, Sweetwater blends or whether you fill your mug with instant Folgers in the morning, there's a lot more to coffee than the traditional beans and grounds.


Bugatti: coconut-flavored espresso with whipped cream; served at Maude's

cafe con leche: a Spanish drink of milk and coffee with cinnamon and sugar

Cubano (or Cuban coffee): sugar-sweetened espresso

fair trade: a type of good--commonly, coffee--which guarantees the laborers who make it are paid a comfortable wage

Frappuccino: cold, blended, coffee-flavored drinks; served at Starbucks

Jumpin' Java: a complicated and confusing coffee-themed board game; found at Coffee Culture

latte: steamed milk and espresso; often includes flavored syrup

macchiato: steamed milk with less espresso than a latte and whipped cream or extra foam on top

mocha: a latte with chocolate flavoring

mochaccino: a cappuccino with chocolate flavoring

Red Eye: coffee and espresso mixed; served at Maude's

Sweetwater: a Florida-native brand of organic coffee

Turkish coffee: extra-chunky, strong, thick coffee