Don't be afraid to try new combinations of drinks. Try making your own concoctions, even at the risk of a strange look from the barista.

Here are some combinations to try:

Blackberry mocha, a shot of blackberry syrup in a mocha.

Blueberry mocha, just ask for a shot of blueberry-flavored syrup in your mocha.

Caramel macchiato, a shot of caramel syrup in a macchiato.

Chocolate espresso, a shot of chocolate syrup in an ounce of espresso.

Irish cream and blueberry italian soda, it sounds strange but just try it. Trust me. Ask for the drink to be lighter on the Irish cream.

These are just a few ideas, but any of the drinks can be altered to your taste. Be creative. However, keep in mind when ordering a fruit-flavored syrup in a milk-based drink that the acidity of the fruit can cause the milk to curdle.