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The Wacky Non-Sports

Fantasy Congress? Fantasy Hip Hop? Yes, the fantasy sports world has even spread to people who are not interested in sports. Here is an overview of some non-sports fantasy games.

Fantasy Congress

Certainly one of the more unusual fantasy games, Fantasy Congress Fantasy Congress Propagandachallenges players to pick actual members of the United States Congress for their teams. A 16-member roster made up of Congressmen of different levels of seniority, fantasy owners earn points by how their "players" are able to get laws through the legislative body. Points are earned based on several categories, including moving bills through the chamber of Congress, voting attendance and speech giving.
For example, if the president signs a member's bill, that member's team gets 50 points. A meager 5 points are awarded for introducing a bill. At the end of each week, points are added up.
The Web site seems to be interested in increasing people's overall awareness of politics. Signup is free.

Fantasy Hip Hop

Did Jay-Z sign a new contract this afternoon? Are Eminem's record sales plummeting? With fantasy hip hop, the user is given command of a virtual record label and competes against other labels for dominance of the hip hop world. Starting with $70 million and the ability to choose from approximately 70 hip hop artists, the owner hasFantasy Hip-Hop to build the label from nothing.
Underground and mainstream news influences points, record labels can trade artists with one another, and the Web site boasts an easy-to-learn design. Record labels amass money by selling albums and merchandise, setting up music tours and keeping the artists happy by paying them a chunk of your change.
Another interesting feature of the site is that it allows for bilingual users or Spanish speakers to participate without the problem of a language barrier. Signup is also free.

Fantasy Movies

Ebert and Roeper may be highly-paid movie critics, but with a fantasy game dedicated to predicting box office booms and busts, anyone can get in on the action. Join a fantasy movie league and select movies that will do well in theaters. Scoring categories include domestic box office, pre-theatre averages, user review scores on theFantasy Movies Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and bonus points are awarded for the movie finishing in the top 5 in the weekend box office.
A budget of $100 million is used to purchase movies for each user's "studio," and that must be spread among eight movies. Movies that are supposed to be big will cost you more, while independent films with no huge box office expectations will be less expensive.
Seasons begin every month and last for three months. Signup is free as well.