Bulldogs are very special dogs that require special attention and care. They are not an easy breed to have, and most bulldog breeders and owners agree they are not fit for a novice dog owner. They arenít recommended for first-time dog owners for a few reasons.

The five main problems that arise with the breed of the English bulldog:

I will discuss each one individually below.

lazy bulldog

Heat Sensitivity:

If you're looking for a friendly pet to motivate you to take that morning jog or bike ride, bulldogs are not the right answer. Most bulldog owners agree that they aren't tolerant of excessive exercise, as they typically run full speed, then collapse with all four feet stretched on the floor. Bulldogs are indoor dogs and cannot be left alone outside for long. They don't tolerate cold well, either.


English bulldog with the mange

Fold Dermatitis:

According to healthypet.com, dermatitis is inflammation of the skin. Where there are excessive skin folds or wrinkles, fold dermatitis occurs due to rubbing of skin and trapping of moisture in the folds. Pyoderma (bacterial skin infection) commonly develops. Common forms are tail, lip, and facial fold dermatitis in breeds where there is skin folding in these areas. Bulldogs need regular grooming because these wrinkles need to be cleaned daily. After talking to my veternarian, bulldogs are in the top five dogs with skin irritations, causing expensive vet bills. To the left is a photo of an English with the mange, a common skin irritation causing the dog to lose its hair.



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