Wedding etiquette can get a little tricky. Certain traditions are not for everyone and it is okay to pick and choose the ones you want to follow.


According to Martha Stewart, invitations should be packaged a certain way. The invitation should be printed on a heavy paper that won't disintegrate, so it can serve as a memento. The actual invitation should be placed in an unsealed envelope with only the guests names on it, then put inside the outer envelope with their names and address. This extra protection ensures it does not get ruined. Also, with the invitation you should include a reception card, especially if the reception will be held at a different location than the ceremony. Maps and directions and a self addressed, stamped reply card are very important. According to Brides Magazine, your invitations should be in the mail two months before your wedding date.


The seating of your guests is just another detail you need to work out. Martha Stewart Weddings magazine suggests deciding what kinds of tables you will be using first. Then, decide where the bride and groom will be sitting. You can sit at a sweet-heart table, just the two of you, or you could sit with your wedding party at a larger table. The wedding party table would need to accommodate the bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, brides maids, groomsmen, and potentially their dates. This table should be bale to be seen by all the other tables in the room. Also, divorced parents or relatives need to be considered, if not on good terms. Tables closest to the wedding party table are usually reserved for immediate family. When seating your guests, try mixing it up. Seat people who have things in common together.

Table cards can be used to tell guests what tables they will be sitting at and place cards are placed on that table in the exact seat you want them at.

Avoid seating elderly guests near loud music. If needed, a kids table can be arranged near their parents.

Gift Regestry

According to, it is never okay to include registry cards in your invitations. These things can be discussed, if asked.