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Do a quick search for cupcake blogs, and you'll come up with links to dozens of active blogs that are centered around cupcakes. Some of the these blogs, like "Cupcakes Take the Cake" on, are updated daily and are moderated by several people. The site has an average of four new postings each day. The updates include everything from photos of creative cupcakes to information on cupcake book releases. "Cupcakes Take the Cake" also started a Cake Meetup Group that organizes monthly meetings to bake, buy, or eat cupcakes.

Other active cupcake blogs include "52 Cupcakes," "Cupcaketastic," and "Cupcake Bakeshop," which can all be found on

Many cupcake enthusiasts who actively participate in online cupcake communities use Flickr, a photo website, to display their photos. A search for photo groups on Flickr shows 395 groups devoted solely to cupcake pictures and discussing decorating ideas and recipes. There has developed a discussion on the group boards about the art of taking photographs on cupcakes. Since cupcakes are small, they can easily be photographed.

The websites of many cupcake bakeries are works of art in themselves. Some of them evoke a simple, understated elegance while others go full force with the graphics and bright colors. Since websites are becoming increasingly important as part of the image of a company, many stores are taking the initiative to make creative, eye-catching sites. Simply follow the links to bakery websites from any cupcake blog, and it's easy to see the wide variety of designs used by different stores.

Since so many people are turning to the internet to do their shopping, it's no surprise that bakeries are trying to figure out a way to safely and efficiently ship their goods through the mail. An article in the Washington Post reported about cupcake shops trying to expand their business into the online realm by offering the option for customers to order cupcakes online and having them delivered. It could potentially provide extra revenue for the store, and it eliminates the need for a person to actually vist the shop.