Volume Eight: Target

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Chapter 62: Decision

The kidnappers had warned Soichiro against making a move and rescuing her, or else, they will kill Sayu. Soichiro unwillingly gives the order to send word to the police department until Light convinces that Kira was probably the one who killed the director. He has probably infiltrated the police force once again, and if word gets out that they will exchange the notebook for Sayu, Kira might kill them all.

 Back in his apartment, Light thinks about his next move. Kira has now gained two enemies: the kidnappers and the FBI. They both want the Death Note, and Light will do whatever it takes to keep them from gaining ownership.

A SPK task force member tells Near that the Japanese NPA director has been killed. They assume that it was the kidnapper’s doing, but they don’t count out the possibility that it could have been Kira. Near comments that if it was Kira, it would substantially narrow down his lists of suspects. He shows his commander, Rester, a picture of Mello and asks if he has tracked him down. Rester answers that it seemed that he just vanished into thin air four years ago, and Near wonders if he’s involved in the kidnapping.

The kidnappers once again call the investigation team. They demand that Soichiro make the exchange by himself in L.A. in two more days. They tell the investigators that they’re very well aware of the fact that if the exchange for the notebook was announced to the public, Sayu will be killed by Kira. After receiving proof that Sayu was still alive, Soichiro announces that he will definitely go to L.A. and exchange the notebook.

Chapter 63: Target

Soichiro decides to exchange the Death Note for Sayu without any tricks because he is afraid that if he’s caught, they will kill him and Sayu. Light, however, wants the whole Kira investigation team to discreetly shadow him, just in case. In addition, he gives Soichiro and the rest of the team new cell phones that allow members to overhear any conversations that take place with the cell phone.

Concerned that they might need back-up, Light calls the director of the FBI as L. However, the director of FBI is in the same room as Near. When Near overhears the director of the FBI speak to L, Near demands to speak to him and tells him, “L number two, nice to meet you.” Much to Light’s surprise, Near reveals that he is “N”, the leader of an organization created to catch Kira called the SPK and that he knows about the death of the real L. Light is ready to back out of asking Near for police force help, mostly because Near reminds him so much of L. However, Light relents, asks for his help and Near agrees. Near believes that this fiasco might help them retrieve the notebook and capture Kira.

The next day, Soichiro and the team prepare to go to L.A. The team is traveling in separate flights, with the exception of Ide who is traveling in the same flight as Soichiro. As he is walking down the corridor at the airport, Soichiro is threatened by one of Mello’s gang members who forces him to get on to another flight. Ide is given instructions by Light to not interfere. The man forces Soichiro to get on the flight that Aizawa is taking to L.A. He is given an earphone, and Mello tells him that all he wants is the notebook and if he follows his instructions, no one will be hurt.

            Chapter 64: Right Angle

The flight is then hijacked by one of Mello’s men who says he is planning to drop off a passenger somewhere else. Matsuda tells Light of the hijacking. Aizawa sends Light a text message saying that Soichiro and the man are in his flight, and he is sitting where he has a good view of them. Light tells Aizawa that Mello’s men are hijacking the plane in order to drop the director off somewhere.

Furious, Light grudgingly calls Near and asks him to order the American forces not to make any sudden moves. Near tells him that he will keep an eye out for the plane’s whereabouts using satellites. Using her shinigami eyes, Misa looks at security camera footage of the airport and finds out the name man who forced Soichiro in to the flight. Light tells Near the name of the kidnapper, and the SPK comments that he figured the name out rather quickly.

Mello tells Soichiro that they’re going to make a pit stop where the exchange will take place. He demands that Soichiro contact L and tell him stop all media reports on the hijacked flight, just in case Kira decides to kill both him and his daughter. Light answers back as L telling him that they’ve stopped all media reports.

The plane lands and drops off Soichiro in the middle of the desert. Near sends Light footage of Soichiro in his present location taken from American satellites. Mello demands that Soichiro calls L to ask for a helicopter to pick him and his daughter. However, if anything other than a helicopter comes within a two-mile radius of them, both he and Sayu will be killed. Light, as L, calls Soichiro and instructs him to give the notebook to the kidnappers with no tricks. Mello thinks to himself that new L is “strangely obedient.”

A hidden underground hatch is opened, and Soichiro is ordered to enter. Now that his movements can’t be tracked through satellite, Near mockingly asks L if he has another plan or if he’s willing to let the notebook fall under the kidnapper’s hands.

One of the kidnappers instructs Soichiro to place it in a revolving glass door, which will send Sayu to her father after the exchange has been made. Light is wondering how the kidnappers plan to escape, and when he sees another helicopter heading toward the location, he thinks that it’s for the kidnappers. The man demands that Soichiro test out the notebook, or else he will kill Sayu. After he does so, the man gets on the helicopter, and Light asks Near to help him track the location of the notebook. However, Near tells him that apparently Mello’s gang has placed the notebook on a missile that can’t be tracked by radar. Mello has outsmarted Light.

Chapter 65: Responsibility

Light asks Near if America had anything to do with the kidnapping, and Near denies it. Light figures that only thing left to do is to track the helicopter in which one of the kidnappers got on, but then the helicopter explodes upon Mello’s orders. Aizawa calls Light and tells him that the plane has landed safely, but all of the kidnappers have suddenly mysteriously died.

Light checks up on his father and sister in the other helicopter, and Soichiro tells him that he feels like a failure as a police officer and wishes to quit the force. The helicopter drops them both off at the Los Angeles police headquarters where Near plans to interview them with Light monitoring the conversation.

Back in the shinigami realm, a shinigami named Shidoh has lost his Death Note and hasn’t written a name in it for a long time. Fearing death, he has been desperately looking for it and believes Ryuk may have taken it to the human world.

 The missile is then located in the Hudson Bay, scattered into pieces two hours ago. The SPK concludes that the notebook has probably already fallen into enemy hands. Near adds that Light basically, “handed it to them on a platter.” However, Near realizes that the only way to have stopped it was to have sacrificed Soichiro and Sayu, and he emphasizes with L. He tells L that he has a good idea of who was behind the kidnapping, and if he can find definite proof, he wants L to threaten to make the names and faces of the kidnappers public, making them susceptible to Kira’s judgment. They’ll want to exchange the notebook back then.

Near asks Soichiro if he noticed anything strange when he was speaking to the leader of the kidnappers over the earphone. Like, if he was eating anything specific. Like a chocolate bar. Soichiro tells him that he does recall hearing a “crack” sound, and Light realizes that Near already knows who might be behind this. He is determined to work with Near, making sure that he never figures out that he’s both Kira and L.

Sidoh appears to Ryuk, demanding his Death Note back. Ryuk tells him that he’s not sure of exactly where it is right now. Ryuk thinks to himself that he must not tell Light about this.

Chapter 66: Death

Ryuk comforts Shidoh by telling him that everyone’s looking for the Death Note, and once they find a picture of the kidnappers, he can track him down using his shinigami eyes from the shinigami realm. Once Shidoh finds the current owner, he must follow the human until the human dies, and then, he can write a name in it.

Light asks if Near can tell him who he suspects is the kidnapper. Near refuses to tell him because he no longer feels compelled to work with the new L and the Japanese police after they practically gave away the Death Note to the kidnappers. He tells Light that he feels that the new L is incompetent and unlike the real L, has done nothing to further the Kira investigation. Light is pissed, and he vows to get the Death Note back before Near and kill him along with the kidnappers.

Suddenly, most of the SPK members are killed. Near senses that they were spies that the kidnappers decided to kill with the notebook rather than get more information. Only a few member now survive. Light tells him that Near should quit being so resistant and share information with him so that they can both catch Kira as quickly as possible.  Light asks that Near tell him who he suspects of being the kidnappers, and in exchange, Light will tell him details about the Death Note. For Near, it is a tempting offer, but it is rather dangerous to tell L about Mello because he fears that he will trace both Mello and Near to Wammy’s House. However, Near is confident that he has destroyed all pictures and information about himself. Near tells Light about Mello.

Two days later, Light finds out that mafia thugs around the U.S. are dying in unprecedented numbers, leading them to believe that the kidnappers have mob ties. Aizawa and Matsuda come back with information they found out about Mello from Wammy’s House. It seems that it was educational facility to train the next L, and Mello and a boy named Near, were the top two contenders. When L died, Mello left the orphanage, refusing to work with L. All photographers of them have been destroyed, but a fellow orphanage resident drew their portraits. Light realizes that, somehow, he is still fighting against L.

Chapter 67: Button

With only the drawing of Mello, Shidoh begins to scan the human world for him. However, he still wishes that the investigators would somehow lead him to him.

One day, Soichiro receives a call from Mello. The investigation team quickly notices, and they use the cell phone sharing system to listen in. Mello asks Soichiro how come Kira can use the Death Note to kill others just by seeing their faces. Light sends Soichiro a message from his lap top, telling him to respond by saying he doesn’t know. Then, Mello asks the name of the L they chose to replace the real L. While Light and investigators ponder about what to do, Matsuda sends Soichiro a message telling to say that it was Matsuda.

Near calls Light and asks him if the information that he gave him about the Death Note was all the information he knew about it. Light answers that it. However, Light did not mention anything to him about the shinigami, the shinigami’s eyes and ownership of the notebook, in order to keep his advantage over him. However, Light counters by asking Near if he is indeed the Near from Wammy’s House. Near acknowledges it and explains to him that Mello sees this as a game. Whoever gets the notebook first and finds Kira first is the winner, and he will do anything to win. Mello kept Soichiro alive in order to get more information from him, and he purposely ate chocolate by talking to Soichiro in order to send Near a message that he got the notebook first.

Meanwhile, Mello calls the president of the United States and tells him that he now has possession of the Death Note. With the notebook, he has the capability of making a person launch a nuclear attack before they die, if he does not cooperate with him.

Chapter 68: Discovery

Mello tells the president that he knows that he created the SPK so that the American government could get a hold of the Death Note. Mello offers to give the notebook to him, but in exchange, he wants to president to grant him amnesty, funding, weapons and the use of satellites. In addition, Mello wants the president to report to him SPK’s movements.

While Light and the investigators is planning their next move, they gets a call from the president of the U.S. who asks Light if there is any way to escape the notebook. Light realizes that the president is being threatened by Mello. Light sees an advantage to this. Light gets the president to tell him everything and reassures him that he has already figured out the names and whereabouts of most of the kidnappers, even though in reality, it’s a lie. Light asks the president if he can use a group of men not known to the SPK or the kidnapper. The president answers that he has a special group of thirty men reserved for situations like this. Now, all Light has to do is find out where Mello is before Near.

 Misa calls Light, telling him that after researching pictures of wanted mafia thugs, she found a man among them with a name but no lifespan using her shinigami eyes. Light is thrilled because this means that he is the current Death Note owner. When Light looks at the picture of the man nicknamed Jack Neylon, he notices that he looks nothing like Mello. However, it’s possible that this guy is one of Mello’s top men and is near him.

Chapter 69: Flight

After a long night of researching Jack Neylon, the president of the U.S. calls and is ready to deploy his special task force. Light sends the president and the leader of the special task force the drawing of Mello and photographs of his top thugs. Light gives them instructions to kill them, and keep the president in a safe area where he won’t be forced to start a nuclear strike, even though Light is well aware that the Death Note cannot force a person to kill others before they die. Light asks the president to show him the satellite images that SPK is looking at, which show the three places they believe to Mello’s headquarters. However, when he asks the president what images the kidnappers were looking at, he answers the same. This means that Mello is definitely not in any of those hideouts. Light plans to control Jack Neylon using the Death Note and make him reveal his whereabouts to Light.

Four days later, Misa runs up to Light and tells him that he received a letter with the address of Mello’s hideout. Light’s plan worked. He had written Jack’s real name in the Death Note and made him send a letter with the address of his whereabouts inside to Misa. He is scheduled to die of a heart attack in two more weeks, which hopefully will be after he has already killed Mello and Near.

The investigation team is now tracking the address that Light received via satellite. They see a couple of Mafia thugs go inside. The president’s special task force has the place outside surrounded. They get the orders from Light to move in and retrieve the notebook. The men, who have on helmets to shield their faces, move in to hideout. Suddenly, their helmets are knocked off by some invisible force. It is Sidoh. From the security cameras, Jack Neylon sees the faces of the men and calls out their names while another thug writes them down in the notebook.

Chapter 70: Tremble

In a flashback sequence, after Light figures out that Jack Neylon is the current Death Note owner, Sidoh sees his picture and finds him quickly after scanning the human world from the shinigami realm. He goes to Mello’s location where Jack is and throws the notebook so that it touches Jack, making him see Sidoh. He explains to Jack that he is a shinigami, and if everyone else touches the notebook, then they will all see him.

After Sidoh becomes visible to everybody, Mello and his men grill him with questions. They figure out that the “If you don’t use the Death Note after 13 days, you will die” rule is fake. Mello wonders if Kira knew about this fake rule, and if so, if he used it to his advantage. Mello then asks him about other Death Note owners, but Sidoh answers that he can’t talk about them. Mello then forces Jack to trade half of his lifespan for the shinigami eyes. He also tells Sidoh that once they get the Death Note from Kira, they will give it to him if he promises to help them by standing guard outside and pulling intruders toward the cameras.

Back in the present, this is exactly what he has done to the special task force. Light quickly realizes that it’s another shinigami. Aizawa suggest that they contact the SPK for help. However, Light doesn’t want Near involved, fearing that he’ll become suspicious as to how he found Mello’s hideout.

Light confronts Ryuk about the shinigami, and Ryuk tells him that he found Light’s notebook in the shinigami realm so the owner was the original shinigami who dropped it. Light asks Ryuk if shinigami are allowed to talk about other Death Note owners, and he answers no. Still, he fears that Misa and most importantly, her shinigami eyes will be killed by Jack Neylon once he figures out with his shinigami eyes that Misa is a Death Note owner. He makes Misa quit her career and promises to marry her.

Mello’s gang has evacuated from their hideout. They call several high ranking officials, including the president of the U.S., demanding to know who was it that instigated the ambush, but they have all committed suicide. Mello wonders who could have figured out where they were hiding.


Everything that Mello does is done out of the rivalry and jealousy that he feels for Near. He leaves the orphanage in order to escape Near’s shadow. Like L and Near, Mello is also determined to win. With Mello, though, he is not only fighting against Kira, but he is also fighting against Near. In addition, it’s interesting that Mello decides to use the Death Note for his own purposes. Ohba suggests that Mello is not concerned in stopping the evil of Kira but is more interested in using the Death Note to catch Kira for the sake of beating Near.

Even though Mello has the logical reasoning of L, he lacks control of his emotions. Sometimes, he makes decisions rashly and is rather unpredictable. This causes even more problems for Light.

Near, however, does have control of his emotions and calmly deals with every situation. Nevertheless, he is not as bold and independent as L and often relies on other people for information. In addition, he tends to deduce things based on assumptions rather than examining the evidence over and over again and finding absolute proof like L. Unlike Mello, Light can predict Near’s thought and actions because he is so similar to L.

In addition, Near is a little more arrogant and mocking than L, especially to Light..

It’s interesting to note that all three of them have strange, childish habits. L ate nothing but sweets all day. Mello incessantly munches on chocolate bars, and Near is always playing with toys.

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