Volume Six: Give-and-Take

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Chapter 44: Successor

The Yotsuba group briefly mentions Hatori’s death. They believe it is an example of what happens if any of them tries to defy Kira. They move on to the matter at hand. They have received information that Eraldo Coil uncovered about L. However, it is general information, which leads the group to believe that Coil knows nothing about L. At the end of the report, Coil does warn the group about concentrating their killings during the weekend. They decide to only meet every two weeks and only kill two or three people each month, just so they don’t look to suspicious.

Then, they talk about who they will kill this week. Soichiro and Light are shocked at seeing how easily the men decide who will die. This is proof enough for the investigation team to arrest the men. However, L counters by saying that there is no absolute proof until the people mentioned in the meeting die. Soichiro and Light strongly disagree with letting innocent people be killed by doing nothing. However, L insists that if they arrest the members now, their whole case will be destroyed.

Suddenly, Light comes up with a brilliant idea by calling the Yotsuba group member Namikawa and telling him that he is L. Light reveals that he has cameras set up in the room and plenty of evidence that all of them are cooperating with Kira. However, if he can somehow delay the killings that they are planning to commit until next month, all Yotsuba group members who are not Kira will be granted immunity. He warns him against telling the other members because he has the power to arrest them all. Namiwaka hangs up the phone and convinces the other members to wait a month in order to let Coil capture L. After a month has passed, they can continue the murders.

L is amazed that Light could figure out such a brilliant strategy before he could. He remarks that Light might be able to succeed him as the next L.

Chapter 45: Crazy

L goes one step further and asks Light if he could take over the name L when he dies. Light refuses, but then realizes that L was testing him. If Light was Kira, he would willingly accept L’s offer. However, if Light has somehow passed his powers over to another Kira, L believes that Light has set up some way to get those powers back. Light then asks L if he honestly believes that he could be a heartless murderer. When L responds yes, Light punches him in the face.

Soichiro is eager to stop the killings and arrest the remaining seven men. However, L notes that there’s a possibility that Kira is only connected to one of the seven men, and even if they arrested all of them, the killings wouldn’t stop. L has grown tired of the arguing and decides to work by himself in dealing with the Yotsuba group. Soichiro and the others can do as they wish.

L goes to Misa’s room and drags Light along with him since he is still handcuffed to him. L asks Misa to help him with the Kira investigation because it will make Light happy. His plan is for Coil to tell the Yotsuba group that he has uncovered evidence that Misa was captured by L and detained under suspicion of being the second Kira. The Yotsuba group will desperately want to meet Misa, and during the interview, she should say how she looks up to Kira and wants to meet him. Light objects putting Misa in danger, but Misa is determined to do this out of love for Light.

Chapter 46: Ill suited

The Yotsuba group is having an emergency meeting after Coil has sent them a report saying that Misa Amane may know who L is. They decide to ask Misa to be in one of their commercial so that they can interview her about L. In addition, they call Coil and demand that he conduct the interview himself. Coil agrees but for a hefty price.

The Yotsuba member who is Kira is busy writing the names of criminals into the Death Note. He concludes that Misa was the second Kira who gave up ownership of the notebook in order to lose all of her memories. He says that after he talks to Misa about L’s identiy, he will kill L and then marry Misa. Rem is shocked to hear this and decides to take manners into her own hands by tearing a piece of paper from the Death Note

Misa meets with the Yotsuba members and Coil, who is Aiber in disguise. Coil goes straight to the point and asks Misa if she looks up to Kira because he killed the burglar that murdered her parents. Misa denies it, but Coil then confronts with the fact that she said she came to Tokyo in order to meet Kira. Misa again denies this, however Coil pressures her to admit that she has been apprehended by L. She tells them that she was blindfolded and only heard his voice.

After a while, the group takes a bathroom break. Misa is alone in the ladies’ restroom until Rem touches Misa with a piece of the Death Note and covers her mouth so that she won’t scream at the sight of a shinigami.

Chapter 47: Impertinence

Even though touching only a piece of the notebook won’t bring back her memories, Misa can now at least see Rem, and she can explain what’s going on. Rem tells Misa that Light is Kira and that she was once an owner of the Death Note. She tells her that Light’s plan was to work with L in catching another Kira after gaining his trust by losing all memories of the Death Note. Then, after Kira is caught, he will touch the notebook and gain all of his memories once again. Rem also tells Misa that he is willing to help Light with his plan if it’ll get the Death Note out of the hands of the vile current owner. He cautions her to be careful around the Yotsuba group since they are willing to kill her after they have used her.

Misa leaves the bathroom and goes back to the room where she is being interviewed.

Chapter 48: Give-and-Take

Rem is standing behind Yotsuba group member, Kyosuke Higuchi, the current Death Note owner. Misa is disgusted because he remembers that he hit on her repeatedly at the party.

Back at headquarters, Light is worrying about Misa’s safety. Soichiro is willing to go on TV and tell everyone what the Yotsuba group is doing, hoping that it will prevent the killings. L insists that arresting the Yotsuba group will let Kira escape that he waits a month before taking any action.

Misa returns safely from the Yotsuba group, and L and Light tell her that she is to do the commercial only as an actress and not an investigator. Misa agrees to obey.

The next day, Misa and Mogi, who is now acting as her new manager, stop by the To-Oh Women’s Medical University Hospital so that Misa can quickly use the bathroom before she goes home. In the bathroom, she meets a friend who is working as a nurse. She had previously told her friend that she is planning to go on a date, but because she was a celebrity, it was hard for her to get any privacy. Nori exchanges outfits with her and agrees to be Misa for a while.

Misa, in a nurse’s outfit and a fake wig, escapes from Mogi and  meets with Higuchi who is taking her out on a date. Mogi realizes that Misa got away and calls the investigation team. Light tries to call her, but Misa’s phone is off.

Rem, who is also in the car, is confused as to why Misa is going on a date with Higuchi and if it’s part of Light’s plan. Misa then tells Higuchi that she is the second Kira. She tells Higuchi that it is her dream to one day marry the real Kira. However, she will only reveal her power to the real Kira. Higuchi teases her saying that he might be Kira and dares Misa to prove that she is the second Kira. Higuchi tells her to kill a corrupt loan shark, and he will call his office to see if he has died. Misa turns around and pretends to write something. Rem realizes what she is doing and uses her Death Note to kill the loan shark. Forty seconds later, Higuchi calls up the loan shark, and his subordinates confirm that he has just collapsed.

Higuchi, then, proclaims that he is indeed Kira and that she should marry him. Misa tells him to prove it by not killing people for a while and then starting again when she tells him to.

Afterwards, Misa comes back to headquarters to show the team the evidence she compiled. She had recorded part of the conversation with her cell phone.

Chapter 49: Potted Plant

If the killings stop, then the team can conclude that Higuchi is Kira. However, L and Light realize that without Higuchi showing how he kills as Kira, then arresting him will be meaningless. Nevertheless, Light tries to convince L to capture Higuchi now and try to figure out how he kills once he’s detained. L says that he needs time to think it over.

Afterwards, L calls Wedy and orders her to focus her spying solely on Higuchi. He orders her to install cameras and listening devices in all of Higuchi’s cars L asks Light if he hypothetically was Kira and the powers can be passed on from person to person, does he think that it was because of Light’s will or the will of someone else working behind the scenes. Light concludes that it would probably be his will to pass on the power because if another person was in control, they would not have waited until after Light was captured.

L says that their task now is to find a way to make Higuchi show them how he kills without transferring his powers to someone else. L figures out a plan in which Matsuda will go on Sakura TV and threaten to reveal the identity of Kira. Higuchi will remember Matsuda as the nosy manager of Misa Amane who might have overheard the conversation inside the Yotsuba meeting room. Higuchi will try to kill Matsuda, but then realize that he has been given a fake name. Higuchi will call Misa and Mogi. Then, he will try to call Yoshida productions where the manager will tell him that his resume, which is in the Yoshida productions office, contains his real name. Higuchi will then have no choice but to show his method of killing, which will be caught by the cameras set up by Wedy.

Chapter 50: Yotsuba

Three Yotsuba group members, Namikawa, Mido, and Shimura meet at a house to discuss the meetings. They are almost sure that Higuchi is Kira. Now, they are sick and tired of being intimidated by Kira. Light, as L, once again calls Namikawa. This time, Namikawa reveals to the other group members that he is talking to L while assuring L that they are not Kira. Light tells them to call Higuchi and tell him to watch a Kira special report on Sakura TV. He agrees.

After Namikawa calls Higuchi asking him to turn on the TV, he discovers a man hidden by a screen telling the interviewer that he overheard eight people talking about killing people in a meeting. The man knows who Kira is and will reveal the answer at the end of this program. Then, the screen accidentally falls, and Matsuda is revealed. Higuchi is astounded that he is still alive because he had written his name in Death Note just in case. Higuchi then realizes that it might have been a stage name. The plan goes perfectly. First, Higuchi calls Misa, but she doesn’t answer the phone. Then, he calls Mogi, but he can’t recall Matsuda’s real name. Mogi offers to connect Higuchi with the president of Yoshida productions. Watari, acting as the president, tells him to go to the Yoshida offices and find out his real name in his resume. Higuchi packs his bag with a gun and the Death Note and goes to his car with Wedy following close behind him.

Chapter 51: Misunderstanding

L and the team watch Higuchi actions in the car from the cameras that Wedy had implanted. Higuchi wonders if Matsuda is smart enough to shred up his resume before going on television. He asks Rem, who has been following him all of this time, for her opinion. L and Light are puzzled as to why Higuchi has begun talking to himself. Rem realizes that this is all part of Light’s plan and encourages him to attempt to kill Matsuda. Light wonders who Rem is, and L suggests that it could be a shinigami, much to Misa’s surprise.

Higuchi enters Yoshida productions and find’s Matsuda’s resume with the phony name, “Taichiro Yamashita.” Higuchi takes out the Death Note, writes the name down and leaves. Light is bewildered by these actions, but L notes that he may be preparing to do something in the car.

Higuchi returns to the car to watch TV, and after 40 seconds, Matsuda doesn’t die. Higuchi gets upset saying that he didn’t die. Baffled, the team tries to figure out when exactly did Higuchi perform the killing. L wonders if writing down the name is his method of killing.

Then, Higuchi tells Rem that he wants to make “the trade.” L and the others continue to watch. Wedy, Aiber, and Mogi follow him. Just then, a police officer on a motorcycle pulls Higuchi over for speeding. Higuchi secretly writes down the police officer’s name in the Death Note, which he can see thanks to the shinigami eyes. As Higuchi speeds away, the police officer is chasing after him until he gets into a terrible accident.

Upon seeing this, L says that they now must assume that Higuchi can kill like the second Kira, just by seeing a person’s face. He orders that they have enough evidence and will now attempt to capture him before he kills any of the members of the investigation team.

Chapter 52: Split second

L tells the director of the NPA to send out units to capture Higuchi in his car. However, no police officer should get too close without something to shield their face. Then, L orders Soichiro, who is at Sakura TV where they’re filming the special, to proceed with their emergency plan. Soichiro must replace Matsuda and the interviewer with mannequins and run pre-recorded audio that will make it seem like the interview has not stopped. Light and L leave the headquarters on a helicopter in order to follow Higuchi’s whereabouts.

Higuchi goes back to Yotsuba building in order to try and find security camera footage of Matsuda. However, Wedy has already disposed of all security camera footage of Matsuda. Desperate, Higuchi decides to go to Sakura TV and kill him in the studio.

At the Sakura TV studios, Wedy, Soichiro, Mogi, and Aiber are waiting for him hidden behind a piece of set scenery. When Higuchi finds out that Matsuda and the interviewer have been replaced by dummies, he is immediately ambushed by the team. Higuchi shoots Soichiro in the shoulder with the gun he secretly packed and flees to his car. He speeds through the highway and realizes that he has been cut off by a blockade of police cars. L and Light with Watari and his sniper rifle join the chase in the helicopter. He tries to escape, but Watari shoots down the car and makes it crash on to a wall. Then, Higuchi puts his own gun to his head and threatens to kill himself. However, Watari quickly shoots the gun away from his hand.


Throughout Volume five and six, the readers see the formidable (and ironic) teamwork of L and Light. Now that Light doesn’t remember his memories of the Death Note, the bitter enemies are excellent co-workers because of their outstanding intelligence and logical reasoning. In addition, L is impressed at Light’s ability to think sharply in difficult situations and coming up with solutions before everyone else

Despite of all this, L is a detective first. He still suspects Light of being Kira. He even offers Light the position of his successor in order to test him. However, now that L has met Light, he feels torn about him being Kira. Light Yagami is a likeable guy, and there’s no doubt that L probably enjoys Light’s company. Nevertheless, L is determined not to lose this case over feelings of friendship. He still is looking for proof connecting Light to Kira.

Even though Ohba has not divulged all details of Light’s plan, readers can guess as to how Light will get the Death Note and his memories back. All he has to do now is touch the Death Note from Higuchi.

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