Volume Five: Whiteout

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Chapter 35: Whiteout

As Light is confined to his cell, L watches him from a camera. He wonders that if criminals start dying, then should he exonerate Light? He doesn’t rule out the possibility that this may all be part of Light’s plan.

Then, a desperate Soichiro begs L to confine him along with his son. He doesn’t trust himself to be part of the investigation when his son is the prime suspect. L agrees but tells him that he will be in different cell where he will have outside contact. After seven days, no new criminals have been killed. L wonders if Light is Kira, and he is purposely trying to curtail suspicion, he would make it so that the killings continued even when he is in confinement. Then, Light subtly tells Ryuk to “get rid of it”. Ryuk disappears, and Light suddenly wonders what he is doing in a cell. Light screams at L telling him that he was wrong for wanting to be put under confinement because he now realizes that he can’t be Kira. He tells L that something was wrong with him, and he doesn’t really understand why he thought he was Kira. Light believes that he has been framed and begs L to let him go. L tells him that he can’t do that because the killings have not stopped, and he is still under suspicion.

On the 15th day, Matsuda tells the investigation force that two week’s worth of criminals died that day. An excited Matsuda tells an overjoyed Soichiro in his cell. However, L is still convinced that Light is Kira and refuses to let Matsuda tell Light that criminals are being killed once again.

L now wonders why Light and Misa suddenly seem to have no memory of any of their previous actions.

            Chapter 36: Father and Son

Rem is seen with another human using the Death Note to kill criminals.

After 50 days, Soichiro is still confined to his cell, refusing to come out until his son is exonerated. Light still begs to be let go, and Misa still believes that she is being held by a stalker. However, L still refuses to believe that Light is not Kira, and he still has not told Light that the killings have resumed during his confinement. Aizawa pressures L to let Light go, and L agrees only after he gets Soichiro to help him in his plan.

Light and Misa are led to a car that is being driven by Soichiro. Light asks his father if they’re being released, but he answers that they are being executed. Light begs for his life, but Soichiro tells him that he is going to kill them both himself. Soichiro stops the car and pulls out a gun. He pulls the trigger, but it is a blank. L watches the whole incident from a camera. He deduces that because neither Light nor Misa killed Soichiro when they believed that he would kill them, this is enough to end their confinements to the relief of Soichiro.

However, L is still not convinced that Light is not Kira, so he has arranged it so that he is together with Light 24 hours a day.

            Chapter 37: The Eight

L chains himself to Light using handcuff so that he is never far from his sight. L then asks Misa why did she go meet Light at Aoyama and how did she learn Light’s name without speaking to him. Misa answers that she doesn’t know. Then, L asks her how she would feel if Light was Kira. Misa answers that she would be happy because she respects Kira after he killed her parent’s murderers. However, Misa still denies that she is the second Kira. Still, L wants to keep Misa under surveillance so he has set up a room for her full of cameras and has set up Matsuda as her “manager.”

Then, L asks Light if he could use Misa to find out any information she knows about Kira. Light answers that he refuses to play with a woman’s emotions like that. A stunned L wonders if Light suddenly got a personality change.

L shows the investigation team the new headquarters that he has set up for them. Light vows that he will help L catch Kira no matter what.

Meanwhile, eight representatives from the Yotsuba company are meeting in a board room and talk about who they are going to kill today. They acknowledge that Kira was one of the eight members and that he is making them decide who they will kill that will be most beneficial to their company.

Chapter 38: Strike

At the new Kira investigation headquarters, the investigation task force is watching Light and Misa on their date while L is still chained to Light.

After Misa complains about her lack of privacy, L reveals that he is really depressed. He was close to catching Kira because he truly believed that Light and Misa were the two Kiras in question. However, with recent developments, L has concluded that the powers of Kira can be passed from person to person. However, L is afraid that he is putting his life in too much danger and wants to quit.

Light stands up and punches L in the face for even thinking about giving up. Light and L keep fighting until Matsuda is forced to break up the fight.

Rem is still with the mysterious Yotsuba company member who is feverishly writing names. She suggests that he can stop writing the names of criminals because Misa has now been let go. The new Death Note owner, however, notes that a world without crime is bad for the Yotsuba company’s profits.

Light notices that the Yotsuba company has experienced an unusual profit increase.

Chapter 39: Separation

L is thrilled by this new discovery, which suggests that killing criminals may have not been Kira’s true goals after all. It’s likely that it was just a cover-up in order to increase profits for the Yotsuba company. L, however, points out that this may be a new Kira who is probably an adult seeking monetary gain, unlike the first and second Kira.

Light research pays off when he finds that three people who held important positions in the Japanese business world had died of heart attacks. After these deaths, Yotsuba’s stock soared. However, Light also notices that important people in the business world had suddenly died through other measures like accidents, suicide and cancer. L finally concludes that Kira can kill ways other than a heart attack.

They all agree that the most likely theory is that Kira or someone with Kira’s powers is among the Yotsuba group. They are determined to infiltrate the company. Meanwhile, Deputy Director Kitamura talks to Soichiro about the future of the Kira investigation. Kitamura tells him that politicians have been accepting bribes from Kira, and the police have given up the case. He gives Soichiro a choice: the team will either stay with the NPA and stop the Kira investigation or quit the NPA to continue working with L.

Soichiro tells the rest of the team about the situation and has decided that he will continue the investigation and quit the NPA. L, however, feels that the whole team should return to the NPA and promises that he will fine working on this case alone.

Chapter 40: Friends

Soichiro responds to L’s request by saying that they will make the decision for themselves. Soichiro, Matsuda, and Mogi all decide to quit the NPA and continue working on the Kira investigation. Aizawa is unsure because he has a wife and daughter that he has to feed, and it’s not in his best interest to be unemployed. He sadly makes the decision that he will go back to the NPA. However, as Aizawa is leaving, Watari asks why L has not mentioned that he has made preparations to make sure every investigation team was financially secure in case they had to quit the police force. Aizawa realizes that L was testing him, and he quits the Kira investigation team in anger.

Two days later, Soichiro notices that the deaths convenient to Yotsuba are concentrated during the weekend. L decides that this is enough evidence to investigate the Yotsuba group thoroughly and calls for some back-up. He summons Aiber, a professional con artist who can convincingly blend in with any group of people and Wedy, a professional thief who can infiltrate any lock and security system in a building.  

Chapter 41: Matsuda

Matsuda has been working undercover as Misa Amane’s manager on a movie set that is close to the Yotsuba company building. Feeling like he has been unproductive on the case, he decides to sneak into the building and find out more information.

Back at headquarters, Light wonders why he can’t seem to remember his conversations with Ray Penber and Naomi Misora. L comments that with Light’s hacking skills, he could probably have easily had access to his father’s task force information. Light responds once again that he is not Kira, and L should concentrate in catching the new Kira. Watari calls them with the news that a member of the Yotsuba group, Masahiko Kida, has just asked Eraldo Coil to uncover L’s identity. L reveals that Eraldo Coil, the world’s 2nd greatest detective, is just another one of his aliases. L instructs Aiber to get close to Masahiko Kida and find out about his actions. He also instructs Wedy to find a way to get around the security cameras and systems at Yotsuba. Then, L tells the team that their task will be to investigate Yotsuba without letting them know that they’re being investigated.

Matsuda, now in the Yotsuba building, follows a group of men dressed in suits going into a meeting room. He listens intently outside the door waiting for the men to say something incriminating. Matsuda hears the words “kill him” and gets excited until the door is opened by one of the members.

Watari tells the team at headquarters that he received a distress signal from Matsuda’s belt buckle coming from the Yotsuba Tokyo office.

Chapter 42: Heaven

Matsuda is caught listening to the group’s conversation. However, he nervously tells them that he is Misa Amane’s manager and wanted to talk to the Yotsuba group members about Misa possibly starring in a commercial for them. One Yotsuba member instructs the others to take Matsuda to another room and hear his pitch. The Yotsuba group now wonders if Matsuda heard any of their conversation. They agree that they have no choice to kill Matsuda secretly.

L decides to call Matsuda’s cell phone. The Yotsuba group members let him answer the phone as long as they get to listen to the whole conversation. Matsuda realizes that it’s L and subtly tells him that he is being held captive alone. L decides to not take any drastic measures and let Matsuda somehow talk his way out of it.

Light calls Misa who has just finished with her movie shoot. Just then, he receives a call from a nervous Matsuda asking her to come down to the Yotsuba building with the possibility of being hired for a commercial. Misa excitedly tells Light the news, but Light tells her not to go. L, however, wants Misa to go in order to save Matsuda. Light orders Misa to go to the Yotsuba building and gives her specific instructions on what to do once she gets there.

Misa arrives at the Yotsuba building and invites all of the members to Misa’s apartment where she is having a party. The members all agree to go, along with Matsuda. During the party, Matsuda sneaks into the bathroom where he calls L and tells him that he definitely overheard Yotsuba talking about who will be Kira’s next victim. L then gives Matsuda specific instructions.

Matsuda pretends to be drunk and gets on the ledge of Misa’s balcony. He accidentally falls from Misa’s balcony and lands safely on a mattress that Soichiro and Ide are holding out from the floor below. When the group looks over the ledge, they see Matsuda’s dead body, who is really Aiber in disguise. Matsuda’s body is taken away by L and Light, who are dressed as paramedics. In the next day’s newspaper, Matsuda is officially declared dead.

However, thanks to Matsuda’s little misadventure, they now have the identities and profiles of each of the eight Yotsuba group members who attend the meetings.

Chapter 43: Black

The investigation team believes that one of the eight Yotsuba group members has Kira’s powers. However, they conclude that this Kira does not have the power to kill people by just looking at their faces because then Matsuda would not have made it out alive. This new Kira has assembled a group of seven other people to make decisions about who to kill next. They meet Fridays, and Kira commits the murders on the weekend.

Masahiko Kida then receives a call from Eraldo Coil, who is really Aiber. Kida is caught off guard because he had tried to hire Coil through an intermediary. Coil offers Kida to catch L for the Yotsuba group in exchange for $10 million. If they don’t hire him, he wants $2 million to keep his mouth shut. Kida calls another Yotsuba member named Ooi and tells him of the situation. The Yotsuba group meets and fears that Coil has figured out their connection to Kira. Arayoshi Hatori, another Yotsuba group member, in a panic, states that he wants to stop attending these meetings. When he is reminded that he might be killed by Kira, he quickly detracts his comment. They decide to hire Coil to catch L for them.

Aiber calls L to tell him that he is getting closer to Yotsuba by agreeing to catch L for them. Wedy also calls L and tells him that the Yotsuba security system is a joke. She figures that it will be easy to plant cameras in the Yotsuba group’s meeting room.

By the following Friday, the cameras have been planted, and the investigation is watching the meeting on their screens. They notice that one of the eight members is missing.


Soichiro Yagami gets a good deal of character development in this volume. Throughout the series, he has refused to believe that his son is connected to the Kira case. Even though he’s not at home with his family that much, he still loves his family and is willing to do anything to protect them. However, his loyalty to his family can get in the way of his duty as a police officer, as we will see in later chapters.

Soichiro loves his son so much that he is willing to forgo his duties as superintendent detective of the Kira case and his freedom in order to prove that his son is innocent. Unlike L, Soichiro cannot fathom that Light might be Kira. It is the love for his son that blinds him from the truth.

The Yotsuba Group serves as a foil to Light Yagami. They are not interested in the ideals of Kira. Their only interest is using the Death Note to increase their profits. In addition, they believe that the real Kira is controlling them from behind the scenes and that the killing of criminals was just a cover for his real goal: monetary gain.

Light had commented to L that he believed the real Kira was an affluent child because of the idealistic goals that he was using the Death Note for. The Yotsuba Group is made up of power-hungry adults and therefore, supports the theory that in the hands of adults, the Death Note is used for personal profit.

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