Volume 11: Kindred Spirits

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Chapter 89: Concentricity

Near decides to continue his investigation in Japan since that is where Takada and possibly Kira are.

Meanwhile, Light tells the team that he’s determined to continue his relationship with Takada to find out how she’s receiving messages from Kira. Now, Light can’t have any cameras in the hotel room after being “threatened” by Kira. Aizawa worries that he might be able to sneak secret notes to her to give to the new Kira.

Light suspects that Near may be trying to get close to Takada. This is confirmed when he receives a call from Near, telling him that he is Japan in order to investigate Takada and that he already has an SPK member trying to get close. Light responds by telling Near that he has already begun investigating Takada and that he has gotten very close to her.

He instructs Light to tell Takada to announce on the news that a group of four SPK, including Near, have left New York and come to Japan in order to catch Kira. He even tells Light their names. This will serve as bait for Kira. However, he warns Light not to release their photographs because Kira would definitely kill him—“a potential avenger.”

Light senses that, through this tactic, Near is trying to lure him out. Light silently accepts the challenge. Near knows that Light has figured it all out. The gloves are off!

Near suggests that they should meet. Light agrees.

Chapter 90: Warning

The rest of the investigation team thinks that Near wants to meet Light in order to cooperate and defeat Kira. However, Aizawa knows that’s not the case. Light is determined to outwit and outsmart Near, and this meeting will prove who is the victor.

Near explains to his investigation team that, in order to catch Kira, they have no choice but to meet him face-to-face. Based on assumptions and the fact that L is in touch with Takada, it’s a definite conclusion that L is Light Yagami. However, they need to find definite proof that Light Yagami is Kira. It will be hard because he has stopped judging as Kira since his own investigation team has started spying on him and Misa Amane. This is why he gave the notebook to another person, an “X-Kira”, who seems to have the shinigami eyes. This person is now doing all the killings. However, because he’s being watched, Kira has to be careful about relaying messages between him and X-Kira. So, he must use Takada as an intermediary that will send the messages to X-Kira.

Near has thought of one possible solutions being to kill both Kira and X-Kira should be killed. However, he has decided not to do this because, even though the killings would stop, it would be a “dumb-luck” approach, and he would not have all of the evidence he needs. He adds that it is not the way L would have done it, and as his heir, it will not be the way that Near will do it. He will find 100% proof that Light is Kira just like L would have done.

His goal is to catch Light Yagami writing a name in the notebook. However, he doesn’t have a definite plan. Before all of that, though, Near thinks it’s best if they find out who X-Kira is and start investigating Ms. Takada of NHN news.

At the hotel room, Takada and Light are talking about superfluous things. The investigation team is listening through wires, but they do not have cameras in the room after the “threat” from Kira. However, Light is writing specific instructions for Takada to carry out in a notepad. He tells her that, from now on, he should suspect everyone who approaches her to be a possible SPK member. He must relay the messages to Mikami (or “T”) without seeing his face, or else it will anger him. Light writes down that he will tell "T" to send a fanletter which include five blank sheets of paper from the Death Note, and "T" will write on fake ones, acting like he is judging with them, but still announce on the NHN who he is going to judge. Light writes to Takada that should write down the names of criminals on the blank sheets of paper in order to kill them.

Chapter 91: Cessation

A new program on Sakura TV announces that anchorwoman Kiyomi Takada has chosen four women to be her top bodyguards, among them ex-CIA agent Hal Linder. Light realizes that Linder is probably one of Near’s SPK members. However, Light is not worried, and if anything should happen, Linder will face the judgment of Kira.

As he is watching several news channels in Japan, Near poses the question to Rester that if he was Kira who should he have chosen as his next spokesperson. Both Rester and Gevanni cannot answer that, but they agree that they would not have chosen a rookie anchorwoman like Takada. Near theorizes that Kira may have picked her because he knew that she was secretly a Kira admirer. However, he comments that Takada was chosen as Kira’s spokeswoman several days after Light’s first meeting with her. If Kira wanted her to be the spokeswoman, then why did he wait several days to tell her to speak her opinions as a Kira supporter? If Kira had really picked her, then he would have told her to speak her opinions on the first day that it was announced she was Kira’s spokeswoman. Near believes that it must have been X-Kira who picked Takada.

Near continues scouring through videotapes of past Japanese shows in order to find a clue. Then, Near watches Teru Mikami’s appearance on “Kira’s Kingdom” asking Kira to give him instructions in three more days, or he will carry out Kira’s will himself. Four days later, Takada is chosen as a spokeswoman. It all makes sense. X-Kira is Teru Mikami.

Chapter 92: Night

Near calls and directly asks Aizawa if there are any video cameras that record L and Takada’s meetings. He says that there are only listening devices. When Near hangs up, he tells the SPK members that there goal now is to keep L/Kira focused on Linder and Takada so that they can move in on Mikami.

Meanwhile, SPK member Gevanni has begun tailing Mikami, but he has not done anything suspicious.

Takada invites Misa Amane over to dinner. During the dinner, with Hal Linder watching, Misa proclaims that Light truly loves her and that she will announce their engagement during the NHN New Year’s special.The chilly dinner conversation ends with Takada leaving the table and warning Linder not to tell anyone about these events.

Gevanni is on the same subway train as Mikami. Suddenly, a man starts harassing a young girl. With his cell phone, Mikami takes a picture of the man’s face. He writes a name on the notebook, and the man dies. Gevanni tells Near and Rester about what he witnessed.

Chapter 93: Decision

Near is now certain that Mikami is X-Kira. However, they need more evidence, and Near believes that they will have it if they catch Mikami talking to a shinigami.

In the hotel room, Takada and Light talk about their “relationship.” Takada reveals she had dinner with Misa, and she told her that they were engaged. In the notepad, though, Takada writes to Light, “What is Misa to you?” Light, annoyed at Misa for not keeping her mouth shut, writes back that she was nothing but the second Kira to him, and she forced herself on him. Takada, however, was chosen by Light. Takada looks pleased, but she nevertheless writes back to Light asking if Misa knows too much.  Light writes back answering that it would look suspicious if he killed Misa. Light passes her one more note, and upon reading it, Takada proclaims that they could be together if it wasn’t for Kira. She exclaims that she will help in the capturing of Kira. As the investigation team listens in, he gives her instructions to make more aggressive calls to Kira so that Kira can communicate with her more directly. The investigation team, with the exception of Aizawa, believes that Light is a genius for turning Takada into an ally.

Meanwhile, Gevanni has been following Mikami around, but has not witnessed him talking to a shinigami. Near concludes that if there is a shinigami, then it should only be visible to Kira and Mikami. If this was the case, then how come Light doesn’t use the shinigami at headquarters to relay messages to Mikami? Could it be that the other members of the investigation can also see the shinigami? Just then, Gevanni sends videotape footage of Mikami muttering to himself. Rester reads his lips and concludes that he says, “That shinigami hasn’t appeared since he gave me the notebook.”

Chapter 94: Outside

In order to make sure that Mikami has no shinigami following him, Near instructs Gevanni to touch Mikami’s notebook.

Once again, Aizawa is suspicious of these so-called investigative “meetings” with Takada. He is setting up the audio devices. However, he is still bothered by the fact that they cannot install surveillance cameras because of fear of what Kira will do to Light if he ever found out. However, if Light really was Kira, then wouldn’t it be the perfect opportunity to secretly communicate with Takada by writing notes? Aizawa decides to test this out by making a slight nail mark at the second to last page on each of the four notepads.

After the hotel meeting, Light leaves, and Aizawa sneaks into the hotel room in order to uninstall the audio devices. He checks the notepads and notices that in two out of four of the notepads, the nail marks he had made were completely gone. He is now convinced that Light threw away two of the notepads and replaced them with two new notepads because he was using them to write messages to Takada.

Promptly, Aizawa calls Near and tells him of his discovery. However, Near tells him that he already knew all of that. Aizawa offers to try and collect the notes as evidence, but Near tells him not to do any “needless meddling” that will put him and the investigation team in danger. Near comments that even if Light was revealed as Kira, the world has now changed and many will proclaim him as hero. Near reveals that he has a plan to defeat Kira and that he shouldn’t interfere.

Chapter 95: Acceptance

The investigation team and Light are watching the NHN live New Year’s special where Misa is supposed to be making an appearance. The commentators note that Misa Amane has not arrived yet and wonder what’s keeping her up.

Worried, Light calls Mogi and Misa and finds out that both are not answering their cell phones. They decide that they need to find out where they are. Meanwhile, Aizawa suspects if this is Light’s doing after Aizawa told Mogi about the notes. Light, however, is wondering if Takada did something to Misa. He concludes that she couldn’t have been that stupid.

In reality, Linder and Rester pulled a gun on Mogi, who didn’t resist because of what Aizawa told him about the notes and kidnapped both him and Misa.

Aizawa tells Light that he suspects Near was behind this. He agrees. Light calls Near and tells him that Misa and Mogi have been abducted. Near admits that he had his team kidnap them…. for insurance. Light suspects that Near wants to get rid of Misa because of her shinigami eyes, even though she doesn’t have them anymore. However, Near tells him that they did not resist the kidnapping and offers him to talk to them. Light, as L, asks Mogi if he agreed to this, and he answers yes. Light says that he will let them stay with Near. However, Near tells Light that he wants to collect as much evidence as he can on Kira. For this, he needs Misa out of the way before Kira begins to manipulate her again.

Chapter 96: Meanwhile


Sunday, December 27th—Gevanni reports that Mikami follows a very strict time schedule where he goes to the gym every Thursday and Sunday from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. He takes the notebook every time. Gevanni believes that he will probably be at the gym next Thursday, the 31st. Near instructs Gevanni to touch the notebook then while he prepares a special diversion… for insurance.

Thursday, December 31st—While Mikami is working out, Gevanni goes into the locker room where there are no surveillance cameras and opens the lock to his locker. He touches the notebook in the locker. He does not see a shinigami, at least up until this point. He follows Mikami home, and he still does not see a shinigami. He reports this to Near.

 Near then asks Mogi if he remembers some of the rules of the Death Note. He particularly asks if he can confirm the rule that states that you can control a person up to 23 days before their death. Mogi says yes.

Near decides that he will face Kira in 24 days, just in case Kira is controlling Gevanni before death.

January 3rd—Takada and Light are having a casual conversation for the investigation team to listen to. Meanwhile, Light writes to her that Misa has been kidnapped by the SPK, but assures her not to do anything because nothing will leak out of Misa’s mouth. Light is confident because he has made preparations for his final showdown with Near. He writes to Takada to tell Mikami to “confirm.” Once he has done that, he instructs Takada to phone or message him immediately with, “I want to see you quickly.”

January 6th—Gevanni has been following Mikami for a week after he touched the notebook. He has still not seen a shinigami. Near instructs him to go to the gym with Mikami, and snap a picture of every page in the notebook. He wants to see if there is any habit in Mikami’s writing down of names. He tells him to also take a picture of the cover, back cover, spine, and every outside detail.

Near receives the pictures of the pages in the notebook and notices that Mikami has a habit of writing enough names to fill a page once a day. Near now feels confident that they can catch Kira this way.

Chapter 97: Diversiform

While inspecting the Death Note, Near discovers no traces of the existence of a shinigami. Gevanni’s name has not been written down on the notebook, which means neither Mikami nor a shinigami found out about Gevanni’s snooping. If after 23 days, Gevanni is still alive, they will finally face Kira and defeat him. However, they need Gevanni to provide the final touch.

After everything he has done everything according to plan, Near tells Gevanni that there is nothing he can do, but wait until the 24th.

Mikami calls Takada and gives her “confirmation”. Takada sends Light the message, “I want to see you ASAP.” Light is confident that he has figured out Near’s plan, and he has made preparations to stop it.

On January 24th, Gevanni reports that Mikami has been acting normally these last two weeks. They can proceed with the plan.

On January 25th, Near calls Light and asks to see him because he has something concerning the Kira case that he will like to show him. However, Near asks for a few conditions…

Out of everyone on the investigation team, only Aizawa realizes that the time has come for the final showdown between Light and Near.


Kiyomi Takada serves as a clear foil to Misa Amane. She is more mature, proud and intellectual than her rival. However, Takada is still willing to be used by Light for his goal. She has fallen in love with Light/Kira, and he is keen on taking advantage of this. It is unclear, though, if Takada has fallen in love with Light Yagami or the power that comes from being Kira’s chosen one. She clearly agrees with Kira’s goals. Still, unlike Misa, she is not actively searching for a way to make Light love her. She is too proud and prefers for Light to pursue her and use her as he pleases.

In this volume, Near finally reveals his other intentions for catching Kira. Even though he believes that stopping Kira is the ultimate goal, he feels like he has to avenge L’s death. After little mention of L, it is surprising to hear such an emotional purpose coming from the usually unemotional Near. In fact, the last time Near had directly mentioned L, he said that L was “nothing but a loser.” Only Mello had expressed outrage over L’s death. However, Near reveals that he respects L’s tactic of finding 100% proof and that he will honor his memory by defeating Kira through that same method. L’s death will not be avenged by simply killing Kira. To Near, it’s not a true victory unless Kira is caught and is made aware of his defeat.

The plans for both sides have been now set. It’s now time for a final showdown.

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