Eisa Hi everyone. My name is Eisa Al Nashmi, and I'm a Kuwaiti student currently doing my Master's degree at the University of Florida. This site was a reasearch project for one of my online journalism classes. It was difficult to try to talk about a whole country in just 3000 words, but I intended to present a simple, yet, fun site about Kuwait. If you think I missed something or if you believe I made a mistake, please free to contact me.

Below is the list of the sources I used. The numbers in red after the paragraphs correspond to the sources used

  1. Wikipedia.

  2. Encyclopedia Britannica—you can log on to this encyclopedia using the UF database system.

  3. CIA World Factbook-Kuwait .

  4. Kuwait Photo Lab- I have taken permission from the owners to use some of their pictures.
  5. Flickr- in this picture sharing site, I typed the word Kuwait with other words like food, war to get some of my specialized pictures. I have asked permission to use these pictures. So to be fair, I am going to list the people who have taken these pictures. you can go on their profile and see more: Psycho Milt, Coluombo (Manal Al Mokimi), Mink, Beholder (Ahmad Al Nusif), GulfWar.
  6. Kuwait Information Office in India- this is where I got the English translated constitution.
  7. Freedom House- this institution ranks countries in terms of press freedom.
  8. National Committee for Missing & Prisoners of War.

  9. Student Future- Pictures in the slide show where all taken from here.



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