With an area slightly smaller than the state of New Jersey, Kuwait is one of the smallest,

Map of Kuwait- CIA Factbook

yet, widely talked about countries in the Middle East.  It is about 124 miles from north to south and 105 miles from east to west 1.

To the north, south and west, Kuwait shares its borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The east however, is all water as the country borders the Persian Gulf and enjoys about 120 miles of coast 1.

Kuwait has nine islands, the largest of which are Bubiyan and Al-Warbah. The most popular is Failakah mainly because people actually live on it, but more importantly, the Island was once occupied by Alexander the Great 1.



Kuwait has a desert climate, meaning it is extremely hot and dry in the summer and cold in the winter.  Summers are usually very long and temperatures range between 111 degrees Fahrenheit to 130. Winters are short and temperatures go as low as 33 degrees 1





According to an updated report from the CIA World Fact Book, Kuwait has a population of 2,418,393, but surprisingly enough, Kuwaiti natives add up to less than 50 percent of the total population. The rest of the population consists of immigrant workers mainly from other Arab countries and South Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh 3.


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