Five Cost-Cutting Catering ideas

Here's how to cut the costs and not the taste of your wedding feast, according to, Weddings InStyle and

  1. Avoid buffets. Caterers cannot control portion size (unlike sit-down meals) and will have to make extra food (so they don’t run out halfway through the event).
  2. Cut the choice. Added choices mean added costs. Instead of offering a variety of meal options, opt for a wide-appeal dish.
  3. Do lunch. Lunch or brunch menus are significantly less expensive than dinner.
  4. Limit the bar. Offer only beer and wine (instead of a full bar), and close it an hour early. No one will really notice, it will be less costly and you also avoid guests driving home a little tipsy.
  5. Cut the guest list. The more people you have; the more it will cost. If this isn’t possible, cut down on the number of courses. Few will notice – or care – that you had three courses rather than five.

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