Patricia McIntosh for her guidance and enthusiasm for the environment as shown through her exemplary work for the Georgia Conservancy in Savannah, GA.

Joe Knecht for his knowledge, photograph and expert summitting of Mt. Whitney.

April 2006 "O" The Oprah Magazine's "We're All on Thin Ice."

Greener Buildings for the excellent examples of Better Buildings and PPRC for its News Column.

DesignShare and BetterBricks for sharing their Web pages.

The Global Development Research Center for its strategies on Sustainable Development and the Global Footprint Network for clearly communicating its ideas.

All sound credits are from research and reports done by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Ecological Footprints.
What's a footprint?
What's your footprint?

Why Build Green?
Facts and Figures
What's a Green Building?
Costs and Benefits

Better Buildings.
Langston-Brown High School
The Robert Redford Building
Outhouse on Mt. Whitney
Honda's NW Regional Facility

U.S. Green Building Council
American Forests
Environmental Defense

Stop Global Warming

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