Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy – Bundy was well-dressed, good looking, well-liked, and had an education. This made it easy for him to claim victims. The first victim was Linda Healy in January of 1974. She was taken from where she was staying, blood-stained articles left behind. Another woman, Susan Clarke, was bludgeoned while lying in her bed, but survived. Then 5 more women vanished, all of them with dark hair, pretty, and young. Then in July of that year, two more women disappeared. Witnesses remember the missing women speaking to someone named Ted. One lead led to Bundy, but detectives found him to be of no threat, being in law school and a young Republican. On September 7, hunters found remains of three women. On October 12, hunters found more remains of two more women. Some of the women were identified as those missing, but two remained unidentified. Then in Utah in 1974, 4 more women were kidnapped. Next, 4 women vanished from Colorado. All of the women that were found were killed and had been sexually assaulted. In 1977, he was arrested under suspicion of burglary and police found a lot of evidence linking him to the disappearances in other states. On December 30, he escaped from custody and hid near Florida State University. On January 15, 1978, he went into the Chi Omega sorority house and raped and killed two women and beat another with a club. Bite marks were found on the dead women. In February, a 12-year-old girl was killed, her body discovered a few months later. He was captured in Pensacola and linked to the Chi Omega murders using dental records. He was sentenced to death in Florida and put into the electric chair in February 1989. His final confession said he committed 28 murders.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer – Dahmer was born in 1960. When he was 8 years old, he was sexually assaulted. By the age of 10, Dahmer was already “experimenting” on small animals, torturing and killing them. In 1978, Dahmer took a man home for a drink and hit the man in the head with a barbell, strangled, and then dismembered his body. After this death, Dahmer did not kill again for a few years.

Then in 1987, Dahmer killed Steven Tuomi and then Richard Guerrero in 1988. The next year, Dahmer killed another 6 men. Around this time, Dahmer became obsessed with creating real-life zombies out of humans. He wanted to use these zombies as sex slaves. He would drill holes into the skulls of his victims, then pour various chemicals into the holes in an attempt to destroy the victims’ free will. All of these “zombies” died.

One victim, Konerak Sinthasomphone escaped, but when police found him, Dahmer told police Konerak was his lover and they returned him to Dahmer’s custody, where he was later killed. Four other victims were killed in quick succession, and then one escaped. He led police back to Dahmer’s apartment, where police found remains of other victims in various vats of acid and other remains were found in the fridge. Dahmer was charged with 15 counts of murder, and was sentenced to 15 life sentences. Dahmer was killed in prison when an inmate smashed him in the head with an iron bar.

Edmund Kemper

Edmund Kemper – Kemper displayed characteristics of a serial killer from a young age, torturing and killing animals, such as his cat, which he decapitated and put on display in his room. Another cat was later killed with a machete, which he used to cut the animal into pieces and then hid the pieces in his closet. After Kemper’s mother declared him “a real weirdo,” she packed him up to live with his grandparents. In 1963 when Kemper was 14, he stabbed his grandmother and shot her with a rifle. When his grandfather arrived, he was shot as well.

After this he was committed to a maximum security hospital and was paroled when he was 21 into the guardianship of his mother. State psychiatrists did not agree with the parole. He and his mother settled in Santa Cruz, where he gained skill in picking up hitchhikers in a trusting way and speaking to police officers at local bars. In 1971, Kemper picked up a pair of roommates who were both 18. He stabbed both girls to death and hid their bodies in his room. He dissected the bodies, took Polaroid pictures of them, and then sexually assaulted different organs before putting the remains in plastic bags and disposing of them. Four months later, Kemper killed a 14-year-old by suffocating her, then he raped her corpse. Her “severed head was resting in the trunk of Kemper’s car next morning, when he met with state psychiatrists and they pronounced him ‘safe..’” said an story on Kemper published by CarpeNoctem. Four months later, Kemper shot another student, carried her body to his house, had sex with it, dissected her head, and buried the remains in his own backyard. By this time, many remains of young women had been found, and officers were searching for the killer.

In 1973, Kemper picked up two young hitchhikers, shot them both to death, put them in his trunk, and brought them home. At home, he decapitated them and sexually assaulted one. Later, he chopped off one victim’s hands. During Easter weekend, Kemper bludgeoned his mother with a hammer while she was asleep. He decapitated her and raped her body. Then he cut out her larynx and put it down the garbage disposal. He used her head as a dartboard. He then called over one of his mother’s friends, killed her upon her arrival, and decapitated her.

On Easter Sunday, Kemper called the police and confessed. Kemper waited in his car to be arrested. Upon confessing, Kemper admitted to being cannibalistic with his victims more than once. Kemper was convicted of eight murders and received life in prison without the possibility for parole. Since his incarceration, Kemper has worked with the FBI to improve their profiling techniques.

John Wayne Gacy

Gacy was born in Chicago in 1942. He had an abusive father. Gacy was a hypochondriac that created conditions for himself. He married and began managing a restaurant owned by his wife’s father. In 1968, an employee charged Gacy with forcing him to perform homosexual acts, and Gacy was sentenced to prison for 10 years. He served 18 months. He got divorced from his first wife while in prison, and remarried upon his return to the free world.

He was involved in politics, and performed as “Pogo the Clown” for charity. Supposedly, Gacy committed his first murder in January 1972. From this first murder on, Gacy abducted people through various systems. Sometimes he would invite people to his house, where he would sexually assault them and strangle them. Other times, he would “arrest” victims by flashing a fake badge. He put all of the bodies in a crawlspace under his home. Later when there was no space left, he put bodies in a nearby river. The bodies began to smell.

Eventually, Gacy’s marriage ended, and Gacy was able to kill more without the worry of his wife. He killed 7 people from April to October of 1976. 2 of Gacy’s victims escaped. Robert Donnelly was kidnapped, tortured, sodomized, and then set free. Jeffrey Rignall was fastened to a torture device called “the rack,” repeatedly raped and drugged, and dumped by Lincoln Park. In 1978, Robert Piest went missing and Gacy was linked to having an interview with Piest that day. Police went to his home and recognized the smell of the bodies from the crawlspace. They found 28 bodies in the crawlspace, and discovered another 5 from the river. Gacy killed 33 people that were discovered. Gacy was convicted of 21 counts of murder for people he killed before the death penalty was allowed, and was given life sentences. For the 12 counts of murder committed after the death penalty was allowed in Illinois, Gacy was sentenced to death. He was executed in 1992.

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