Design Tips

When considering Feng Shui in Web site design the flow of chi must to be one of the most important aspects of the site. In order to maximize the flow of energy through the site the pages must be aligned and the user’s navigation throughout the site must be intuitive. Other tips for a well-designed Web site include:

  • Use curved lines when possible. Straight lines allow chi to flow too quickly and rarely occur in the natural world.
  • Consider balance when placing images on a page. Balance and harmony are essential to Feng Shui.
  • Use bright colors and clean graphics. Dark color and hazy graphics draw negative energy.

When considering Feng Shui in your home or office the position of furniture and other objects may affect productivity, concentration and even salary. Here are a few tips to promote positive chi:

  • Avoid long straight entrances to your home’s front door or office door. Theses entrances are openings for opportunity through which your work can be undermined. 6
  • Avoid sleeping with your feet to door of your bedroom. The movement of chi will disturb your rest.
  • Place mirror in areas that are stagnant, such as at the end of a hallway, to help the flow of throughout your home/office chi.
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