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The ancient Chinese believe in the existence of an invisible energy or force called chi. Chi is the “life’s breath”or energy that binds life together. The practice of Feng Shui teaches us how to influence chi and its affect on our daily lives.

There are three main forces of Chi that sustain all of life: Cosmic Chi, Human Chi and Earth Chi.4

Cosmic Chi is the force of nature. This energy is similar to the way the earth is pulled by the sun and the way the tides are affected by the moon. The existence of Cosmic Chi helps explain why the weather affects personal moods and feelings. Cosmic Chi is considered the source of abundant wealth, fortune, peace, honor and good health. Businesses with plentiful chi will prosper and continue to grow.

Human Chi is inside each person. Each person has his or her own unique chi that flows in its own path. It affects your personality, interactions with others, general mood and much more. Feng Shui practitioners try to help adjust your environmental chi to best suit you. Human Chi can be likened to the western concept of bio-energies.

Earth Chi is the way the earth affects you. The forces of mountains, streams, valleys, plains, etc. all impact and influence you. In the way mountains protect us from harsh elements and also provide psychological support. We tend to feel more stable and grounded when we have mountains around. Those who live in the mountains tend to be more stubborn, loyal and honest. Like a mountain, those people are more steadfast in their values.