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Andrei Chikatilo


Andrei Chikatilo was born on Oct. 16, 1936 in the small town of Yablochnoye, Ukraine during a time of famine under a communist government. At age 5, his mother told him she suspected that his older brother had been kidnapped and eaten by neighbors seven years earlier. This established a cannibalistic curiosity inside of him at a very young age.

By age 10, Chikatilo had become a devout communist. He read a lot and was especially interested in books about Russian partisans fighting Germans. He had very few friends and was very quiet. He needed glasses, but did not wear them because he was afraid that he would be made fun of more than he already was. He was also a chronic bed-wetter, a trait that he struggled to keep hidden from others.

Once he became a teen, Chikatilo grew taller and stronger. He became known as a great reader with an incredible memory. At 16, he was the editor of his school newspaper and was a political information officer. However, he still had no social skills.

He quickly found that he was unable to obtain an erection during his early attempts at sex. Unable to perform properly, he became obsessed with masturbation.

At one point, he attempted to have sex with a woman who was not interested in him. While he was struggling with her, he realized that he had ejaculated in his pants. He let her go. This was when he discovered that he became aroused when violence was involved.

In 1963, he married a woman named Fayina. She coaxed him in to having two children with her. Their girl Lyudmilla was born in 1965 and their son Yuri was born in 1969.

In 1971, Chikatilo earned degrees in Russian Literature, Engineering and Marxism-Leninism at Rostov Liberal Arts University in Russia. With his degrees, he became a teacher at Vocational School No. 32 in Novoshakhtinsk.

Much like during his childhood, his fellow teachers thought he was strange. He was so shy that it was hard for him to control his students. Later, he would admit that he found the company of his students to be sexually arousing.

Parents started complaining that their children were being sexually assaulted by Chikatilo. He was forced to move on to another school. In one school, he was caught trying to violate a sleeping boy. Some of the senior students who were present attacked him. After that, Chikatilo always carried a knife.

In 1978, he moved his family to Shakhty. In 1981 he became a supply clerk for Rostovnerud, an industrial complex. This job allowed him to travel frequently- a luxury that he would use to locate victims.


Source: Court TV's Crime Library


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  • Born on Oct. 16, 1936
  • Age 5- Mom said older brother eaten by neighbors
  • Age 10- Devout communist
  • Described as shy and had few friends
  • Teens- failed to have erection during attempts at sex
  • Found violence linked to arousal
  • 1963- Married, had two children
  • 1971- Earned three college degrees- became a teacher
  • Sexually assaulted several students
  • Taught at a few different schools
  • 1978- Moved family to Shakhty
  • 1981- Became supply clerk for Rostovnerud
  • Traveled frequently
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