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  The Works of Beethoven



   The Works of Beethoven



     Beethoven is best known for his nine symphonies, which have been called the cornerstones of Western civilization. The most famous two are the Fifth Symphony and the Ninth Symphony because of their grandeur. The bars of the Fift are supposed to represent Fate knocking at the door. The 'Ode to Joy ' section of the fifth was adapted from Schiller.

  • The Fifth Symphony   
  • The Ninth Symphony   

Beethoven is also remembered for his potency on the piano. These two piano sonatas are two of his most famous. The Moonlight is best remembered for it's dream-like opening. The Pathetique, on the other hand, is a passionate and desperate work which requires that the symphony produce a loud, overwhelming sound.

  •   Moonlight Sonata Op. 27 No 13  
  •   The Pathtique Sonata   


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