My room

living in 100 square feet

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My cabinet


This cabinet, probably the most raved about item that I have in my room, is more than just a great storage space. This cabinet is very sentimental to me. My uncle first made it for my cousin, who attended the University of Florida 15 years ago. After my cousin graduated, the cabinet was moved back into my uncle's garage where it collected dust for some time. When I packed up to go to UF in the fall of 2011, my uncle dusted it off and gave it a fresh coat of turquoise paint (my favorite color) and chalkboard paint for the door. It's a functional keepsake that is meant to be passed down to every college-bound student in our family.

My cousin lived in a very small apartment with no utilities. He had to bring up his own mini fridge, microwave and panini grill. So my uncle envisioned what many architects build off of today: build up! The cabinet leaves space for a mini fridge at the bottom, a pantry with two removable shelves in the middle for food and supplies storage and a space for a microwave and a small grill perched on top.

The cabinet is 21 inches wide, 6 feet tall and 18 inches in length. It only takes up 2.625 square feet of floor space. It's entirely made out of wood, so despite its large size, it's actually pretty lightweight.

Most people compliment me on how the teal color brightens up the room and really brings my space together. I personally like the fact that I have pantry storage because I like to cook with a lot of ingredients. My food is safely stored in the pantry area. I also really like my chalkboard to write to-do lists or to have friends write messages.

My mobile kitchen


As I mentioned before, I love to cook. I don't have a meal plan, so I must cook all my food with all the supplies and utensils I brought with me from home. Some students just stack their pots and pans and spatulas in disarray. But I prefer to store everything in one neat drawer system on wheels. My mobile kitchen, if you will.

It makes quite a roar as it rolls down the hallway, but I don't have to bring all my ingredients and supplies one-by-one. I reserve the top shelf for cleaning supplies, with reusable shopping bags, wipes and air fresheners. My second drawer stores measuring cups, bowls and cooking utensils such as spatulas and spoons. My third drawer holds all bulky pots and pans. It's cooking, simplified.

My mobile kitchen does look funny being rolled down the hallway, but it gets the job done. All my supplies are organized and clean. The clear shelves help identify what is where for easy searching, and the wheels make mobility much easier. I have a similar cabinet for all my personal health items, such as hygienic products, beauty supplies and medications.