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living in 100 square feet

Need Inspiration?

One day when I was surfing the web looking for interesting YouTube videos, I came across these videos of people who lived in small apartments or houses. It was fascinating to someone like me who always thought that bigger was better. I kept searching and searching and came across these videos below.

This was the first video I watched about living in small spaces. I thought Christian's apartment was so modern and functional. It's low maintenance and a great lifestyle for a single adult.

Once I was fascinated by apartments, I started looking into if this trend had swept over the market for houses. This man built his own home and lives comfortably with a yard in his 89-square-foot home. His utility costs are way low and his carbon footprint is nearly non-existent. This man shows that living in a large home can be a lot of upkeep, expensive and harmful to the environment.

Speaking of highly populated urban cities, Fair Companies takes viewers to Hong Kong, one of the world's most densely populated cities. To meet demand for a growing population, architects must build toward the sky and make due with small spaces. This man learned to transform an apartment into several rooms by moving walls and shelves.