My room

living in 100 square feet

And now for the fun part!

Decoration is a way to liven up a drab old dorm room or bland apartment. Color and details can liven up a space and make a room look bigger with just a few accents. It's also a way for your personality to shine through.

Many friends who stop by my single room always tell me that my room is colorful and gives a happy and positive vibes. My bed comforter is busy with turquoise as the main color and pink, orange, purple and green as supporting colors as shown in the accessories in my room. My comforter is the springboard for my room: my rugs are purple, my bedskirt is pink, and my desk accessories are orange and green.

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sand dunes
sand dunes
sand dunes

I wanted to theme my room not only to be very colorful but to have a tropical, Hawaiian, hippie vibe. I have memorabilia from my visit to Hawaii a few years ago as well as several peace signage as well as accessories from the musical "Hair."

Music is also a very big part of my life, and it also goes hand-in-hand with my theme. I wanted to express my favorite bands through the posters I tacked onto my wall. I feel that they are an inexpensive way to liven up the cream-colored boring walls. I had a collection of black-and-white posters, so I coordinated them to be on my longest wall as to not overwhelm the room which is mostly in color.