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living in 100 square feet

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In the summer of 2012, I received an email that a single room was available on campus. Without the hassle of a roommate and close proximity to all my classes, I thought the idea of living in a single room in a dorm would be a good idea, so I accepted the offer. I read the room measurements: 9.5 feet by 10.5 feet. That rounds out to 100.75 square feet. I tried to visualize how big of a space that was by arranging furniture in my room at home. This is impossible, I thought. Now, after two semesters of living in 100 square feet, I've never felt more at home in my single room.

After two semesters spent in my single room, I'm proud of the home I've created. I always get compliments on how space-savvy my room is, how organized I have all my belongings arranged, how I brighten my dull dorm room. Many people always ask how I can make what is such a small, barely habitable space look large and comfortable. This website is my attempt to share my secrets.

Living in small spaces has become a hot trend in urban cities like New York, Chicago and as far away in Japan where the only way to build is up. Living in small spaces cuts waste and forces a person to live with only what's necessary. Living in smaller spaces is more environmentally friendly and cost efficient. My website aims to help people who need some help, ideas and inspiration to thrive in their small quarters. Here, you'll find ways to organize, healthy recipes for one, how to keep your space clean, how to expand your space with decoration, and how to go beyond with inspirational videos and an interview from a Gainesville interior designer. So welcome, and make yourself at home!