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A guide to using smartphone apps while you travel


If you’re like me, the planning of and packing for a trip might be the worst part. I feel like I am always for a lost of what to do and can never stay organized enough to actually pack in a bag that doesn’t way the size of an elephant. Luckily for you (and me), there are several list type apps that can help with packing, and some great apps to use before you even step foot on your journey.


First, for the people who are creatures of comfort and believers of the basics, there is the “Notes” app that is provided on most smart phones.
With no fuss, to use the app (which is already somewhere on your home screen) open and choose the option to add a new note. On the iPhone, this means selecting the plus sign. You can type in list form what you want to remember to pack, and when you’re finished select “done.” It’s that simple.
Some nice features of the notes app are it’s easy sharing features, such as emailing it or texting it. You can also print it straight from your phone if you have your printer added in the printer options.

Notes App


This app, the only one you have to pay for (at a whopping 99 cents), is a great app if you are taking a trip abroad and want to stay in touch with family and loved ones.
It uses wifi instead of your phone network, allowing you to text anyone else with the app for free (or really, the 99 cents you paid that one time when you downloaded it).
The app is a must-have if you think you are going to want to stay in touch with anyone at anytime, ever.

WhatsApp WhatsApp


If you want to plan your packing list, but want the app to do it for you, triplist is the way to go. This nifty app allows you to make one list for your trip with the free version (a bummer if you’re like me and like to make lists for everything.)
The best part of it is the app lets you add items to your list just by tapping on what you want to pack. You can even include how much of each item you want. A downside to the app is it only lets you add up to 35 items per list. But, hey, if you’re trying to pack light, that could be perfect for you!

TripList TripList TripList


If you know what you want to do while you’re traveling, but you’re having trouble keeping your reservations, meet-ups and activities straight, then TripIt is a great app to have on your phone. You can add plans to each individual trip, and can choose options from traveling, activities or maps. It will even allow you to forward confirmation emails and reservations to your new, on-phone itinerary.

TripIt TripIt TripIt

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